Our Top 10 Ski Travel Must-Haves #MarkWarnerMum

As someone who is not known for travelling light, coming up with a list of my top ten travel must-haves is a always a tricky one, especially for a ski holiday where you seem to have to pack everything apart from the kitchen sink, especially once children become involved. 

So when Mark Warner advertised that they were once more looking for blogging ambassadors, and wanted to know what our travel must-haves would be for either sun or snow, it got me thinking once more about our dream ski holiday. 

Adam and I have both been skiing and boarding in a previous child-free life (albeit quite badly on school and work ski trips!), but obviously now we’re both parents, what we might look for in such a trip has probably changed. 

Or has it?

We still want to stay somewhere with breathtaking mountain views that our children can also experience, we want somewhere comfy and cosy to rest our heads after a hard day on the slopes, we would (still, we hope!) be able to squeeze in some apres ski, and most importantly, we want to have fun! 

I guess as kind of proper grown ups with children and responsibilities we also think of important but slightly more boring travel must-haves now, like travel insurance, and I would probably look out for a high ratio of first aid people on the slopes <neurotic> 

But what if we asked the children to help us create our family snow holiday essentials, what would they come up with?

At just turned 6 and nearly 5, Freddie and Sasha are the perfect age to start sharing our love of all things alpine, and Freddie especially has been asking if we can go on a snow holiday for a couple of years now.

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Which is understandable when the snowfall in South-East London is pretty poor….

So I asked them what 10 things they thought we might need to make their dream ski holiday come true, and we decided to make a video to show you….

We hope you like it!


This is our entry into the Mark Warner 2017 Blogger Ambassador programme. For more information about Mark Warner and their awesome ski and sun holidays, have a gander here

16 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Ski Travel Must-Haves #MarkWarnerMum”

  1. Loved your entry to be a Mark Warner Mum, Becky! The video is so sweet with the kids’ voice over and your painting skills (ha to that doll taped to the wall is priceless!). Hope you win! xx

  2. This is FAB Becky! Good luck guys – I hope this is your year!!!! Super video and really cute too 🙂 Love, Jess x

  3. This is FAB Becky! Good luck guys – I hope this is your year!!!! Super video and really cute too! 🙂 Love, Jess x

  4. As I said on twitter earlier this is such a great entry. Really creative, I think its fab. You would be so deserving to win!!! xx

    1. Thanks you Alice, I’m really pleased with the video considering limited filming space- not sure there was much more I could’ve done under the circumstances! x

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