Our love of walking holidays in the UK

A clear sign that I am getting older, or maybe ‘older’ is the wrong word, is that spending time in the glorious English countryside is getting infinitely more appealing, as opposed to face down after 6 martinis in a central London bar and spending my Sunday comatose on the sofa. I think having children has made Adam and I want to spend more time in the great outdoors with them, and 6 years experience has now told me that small children sleep a million times better after a hefty dose of fresh air. Hell, I sleep a million times better too, and actually value walking now even without the children as a way to feel better both psychically and mentally. 

There’s nothing like a yomp through the woods near our new house on a crisp, cold day to make all seem right with the world. 

And with this in mind, my thoughts have been wondering to UK breaks and holidays that can incorporate our love of the great outdoors. I adore my sun holidays abroad and European city breaks, but we are SO lucky to live in such a beautiful country that it seems a shame not to make the most of it. 

We have been fortunate enough have enjoyed some gorgeous places, and with these breaks have come breathtaking walks- Wales and Snowdonia, Scotland, Dorset and the West Country, and when I was a student a short break with a friend to the Lake District left me wanting more. I just LOVE being in the countryside, and by water, and the budding photographer in me really likes to make the most of the scenery around us. 

As much as we love our outdoorsy breaks, we are confirmed London city folk who don’t always know the ways of the countryside, so a holiday that gives us a helping hand when it comes to our walking routes would be most welcome! 

Next on my list for somewhere breathtaking to visit is Cornwall, and also to re-visit the Lake District with the family, maybe this summer holiday with baby number 3 in tow too. 

Where have you been in the UK that’s brilliant for walking? I’d love some tips!


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