Freddie and Sasha’s Good Reads – Mog and Me

mog and me

Now, when I discovered the glorious ‘Mog and Me’ for 49p in a charity shop, I was beaming. This is a book that I remember myself from my own childhood, and few things make me more nostalgic than a book I loved from a simpler time!

‘Mog & Me’ is a delightfully illustrated book, with simple, short sentences describing a day in Mog and Nicky’s life. Getting up and stretching, getting dressed, endless playing, having dinner, brushing teeth and finally going to bed.

Sasha can relate well to many of these daily activities, and now knows the words off by heart, but still goes back for more! We have since added ‘Mog’s Family of Cats’, ‘Mog in the Garden’, and ‘Mog’s Kittens’ to our collection.

A must-have for any toddler’s library!


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