Easter Chick Paper Plate Craft

Now Freddie is a bit older, we’re starting to enjoy some slightly more ‘involved’ craft activities. Since we’re hurtling rapidly towards Easter (how did that happen?!), I thought we’d ease us into all things spring/Easter with a gentle Easter Chick Paper Plate Craft that involves a paint brush, hand printing, and using and talking about craft materials (in this case, feathers). 

These cheery, Easter Chick Paper Plate Crafts don’t actually take long to make at all, and are perfect for brightening up your kitchen wall, or as a  welcome Easter offering for a Grandparent to clog up their kitchen wall.

You will need:

  • A plain white paper plate
  • 1 piece of white card
  • Yellow, non-toxic paint
  • small paint brush
  • Wobbly eyes’ 
  • 2 bits of orange felt to make a beak. We used 2 felt letter ‘i’s. 
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Yellow craft feathers 


  1. Get your toddler to splodge the front of the paper plate with yellow paint. Freddie took a bit of persuassion to have a go at doing this, but once I sat Sasha at the table too, and said “show Sasha how you can paint”, he was away. Nothing like the opportunity to show off to a sibling to get things moving!
  2. Next, whilst the plate is drying, get your piece of white card ready. Paint your toddlers hand with the yellow paint, or, if they’re keen, put some yellow paint onto a plate and let them splat their hand in themselves. 
  3. Press the hand on to the card to create at least two (although you might want some spares) hand prints. Wash toddlers hand/wipe with baby wipes before yellow hand goes everywhere. 
  4. Cut the handprints out to create two ‘wings’ (See photo below), and glue or sellotape to back of the plate (yellow handprints facing forwards). 
  5. Once the paint on the plate is totally dry, glue the eyes and orange beak onto the front of the plate to create your chick’s face. An older toddler like Freddie can have a go at doing this themselves. 
  6. Then spread some glue onto the chick’s forehead, and get your toddler to stick the yellow feathers on. I helped Freddie with this, and he loved the feel of the feathers on his hands and giggled quite a bit! I talked about how chicks/chickens and other birds had feathers like this instead of fur, and before sticking them on the chick we actually sat on the floor and played with the feathers and watched them blow about, and tickled each other (and Sasha!) with them. 
  7. Your chick is now finished, and ready to be displayed in time for Easter! 

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