Traffic Light Craft for Preschool

Traffic Light craft preschool Traffic Light craft preschool Traffic Light craft preschool

I first saw this traffic light craft preschool activity on Pinterest, and thought it was a great idea. Now, like many small boys, Freddie is OBSESSED with a capital ‘O’, by anything transport related. Traffic lights have always been a fave, and this is an activity that I did with him aged about 20 months. Now Sasha, at nearly 18 months, is still probably a little young for colour matching, but I thought I would give it a go with her anyway whilst Freddie was at preschool. 

You will need:

  • Some black paper/card, cut into a large rectangular shape
  • a red, yellow, and green crayon
  • a circular object to draw around i.e. a roll of tape/jam jar lid
  • one sheet each of red, yellow, and green felt, or card


  1. For the Traffic Light craft, cut up each sheet of coloured felt/card into small-ish pieces. If you are using paper or card, you can get your child to help with ripping up. Great fun for them, and great for their fine-motor skills! Older toddlers can have a go at cutting too, using special toddler scissors.
  2. Draw 3 circles on your black paper- the top one should be red, middle yellow, and bottom one green.
  3. Then begin to get your toddler to place the pieces of card/felt into the correct colour circle. Younger toddlers like Sasha may need you to start them off and place a couple of bits in each circle first. Sasha surprised me and actually got the gist quite quickly, as you can see from the pictures!!
  4. Once finished, you can remove the pieces, and store the Traffic Light craft away in a box for another day.

“Red on top, Green Below, Red says stop, Green says go, Yellow says wait even if your late”


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