Things that have made me happy this week

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Aah, so this week has been a good one, what with all the SUN we’ve been having- I can feel the Vitamin D seeping into my bones as I type! I was NOT so happy to discover that Matthew dies in Downtown Abbey, and SO SOON after Sybil? But since this is a positive post, I will not dwell. Here are the things that have tickled my mojo this week:

1. The fact i’ve had poached eggs twice this week, and that both times the yolk has been just perfect. It’s the little things, eh?!

2. Being able to chuck the children (not literally), outside to play in the garden in some glorious spring weather. They always seem able to amuse themselves more outside with fewer toys, and play better together, than they do inside with the equivalent of a toy shop. Maybe there’s something in this that I need to think about….

3. Our team coming second in the football team quiz night. Much banter ensued, and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

4. A chocolate ice cream in a cone whilst walking by the river near Tower Bridge.

5. My £5 sale bargain of a corduroy pinafore dress from Primark- the perfect spring item of clothing.

6. Planning my BFF hen do. Much plotting took place, but I couldn’t possibly say what we’re doing… let’s just say I can’t wait for July!

7. The life coaching evening that I attended last Friday night. I found it so inspiring, and am now motivated to continue blogging and work on a few other areas of my life using the advice given, that can be applied to almost anything. Read more about that night in a blog post coming soon.

8. Having my neighbour over for tea- she’s fab.

9. The fact that daffodils are everywhere, and that Freddie is so happy about it “Look, Mummy, next door have BIG daffodils too!”

Hope you’ve all had a grand week too, and are making the most of the sunshine!

Becky x


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