4 Ideas for setting up games for your kids

Everybody agrees that being a parent is not an easy job. Parents are responsible for both the physical and mental health of their children while also they need to provide them with education and principles.  

One way for them to succeed in their goals is by understanding the importance of games. Toddlers and young children play games and make up scenarios because that helps them use their imagination, their creativity and their critical thinking while learning and understanding the world around them. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that their kids have plenty of time for and a great variety of educational games. Below you will find four ideas of games that parents can easily set up for their kids.

Game 1: Keep the Balloon Up

The easiest and quickest kind of game that parents can come up with is what we would call ‘keep the balloon up’. They will only need to blow up a balloon. It is recommended that a balloon is used, and not a ball, so that no one gets hurt. The goal of the game is for the balloon not to touch the ground. This is a great game for toddlers to play with either their parents or their siblings.

Game 2: Crazy Golf

A game that is great for young kids and adolescents is crazy golf. Once you start playing, even parents won’t want to stop. You can design your own mini golf course by making or buying your own gear and randomly placing it in your living room or in your backyard. It can be a productive activity that your kid can do in their free time, as they will learn how to control their body and to assess their own strength, or you can all do as a family so that you can all spend quality time together and bond. It will be an excellent opportunity to teach your kids that what matters is having fun and not winning.

Game 3: Treasure Hunt

You can transform your house into a magical place full of secrets and treasures. You could buy a small treasure chest, put a new toy or fake jewellery and coins inside and then hide it somewhere in the house. After that, you should come up with riddles and questions your kids can answer in order to follow the clues that will lead them to the place you’ve hidden the treasure chest. You should have a look at the homework for school in order to pose questions that they know the answer to for sure.

Game 4: Arts and Crafts

You can also look up videos or articles online about handmade crafts that are easy for kids to do and go to an arts and crafts store to buy all the supplies they need. You shouldn’t let your kids alone while they are working on their creations as they might need your help. This is one more family-bonding activity that you can do at least once a week.


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