The Best Family Friendly Mini Golf Courses in London

London is a huge city with so many entertainment options for all kinds of tastes and interests that it can be tricky to find the right place to go with your family.

As you might have already guessed from the title, we are firm believers that mini golf is an amazing leisure activity for the whole family so as to bond and spend quality time together. The fact that mini golf is a pretty straightforward game that needs no previous knowledge to get the hang of it and have fun reaffirms our belief.

But where should you go to enjoy the most memorable family outing? In this article, you will find 4 mini golf places in London that both children and adults love going to.

  1. Plonk Golf

It is usually hard to make everyone happy. This is not the case if you book a match of family-friendly crazy golf with as the place can keep young children, adolescents and adults engaged. How can they do that? The challenging courses with original obstacles, the colorful and fun decorated venue, and the delicious and refreshing menu will leave everyone satisfied. We should also mention that the fact that there are several locations all around London makes it easy to go there wherever you live.

  1. The Jurassic Encounter

Are you a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise? If yes, you should definitely visit The Jurassic Encounter. This is a huge park where visitors can play mini golf while life-sized dinosaurs are watching them. Those dinosaurs are moving and talking – or we should say roaring – as their robotic parts enable them to move their limbs, open and close their jaws. Besides the dinosaurs that make their appearance in the movies, visitors will get to learn about less popular dinosaurs like Protoceratops, Yunnanosaurus and Lufengosaurus.

  1. Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

Instead of dinosaurs, it is possible to also play mini golf while dragons are watching you. Visitors rate the whole experience in Dragon Quest Adventure Golf pretty high because much emphasis is given in all of the services offered there. People can test their skills in both golf and mini golf, they can attend golf lessons or organize children’s parties. Or they can simply enjoy the spectacular landscape as all the dragons hang out in caves and waterfalls in the vast grassland area.

  1. Lost Jungle

One more amazing themed park that is worth checking out is Lost Jungle. The Lost Jungle London is the largest golf course in Europe. As its name suggests, the design of the course is inspired by the world’s largest rainforests, Congo and Amazon. This explains why wild animals can be seen lurking and watching players. Visitors get to see animals and plants that live in rainforests and learn all about them. Additionally, there are many pools, rivers and cascades that make the place stand out.


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