7 Stylish Nursery Updates with the Great Little Trading Co

One of the things that I’ve loved most interiors-wise since moving into our new house nearly a year ago, has been doing up our baby boy’s nursery. We’ve largely gone for a loosely grey and yellow Scandi-themeand as he grows we’ll take out bits and give room to new additions. It’s been great fun playing about with Arlo’s room, and so far I’m really pleased with how it looks (as I hope he will be when he gets a little older!). As many of you know, the children are part of the Great Little Trading Co ‘Testing Team’, and the guys there decided to send us some GORGEOUS items to style and showcase in a nursery setting. I’m so excited to show you what they sent us, and how you too can make the bits work in a nursery that grows with your child. 

Come and have a look at these 7 easy-yet-fabulous nursery updates!

The Stylish Nappy Basket

This Tan and Black Rope Storage Basket is such a perfectly stylish way of storing nappies, wipes and other bottom-changing paraphernalia, and the more neutral colours really fit with the Scandi look I’m trying to achieve. I love the fact that the storage could possibly be used in other areas of the house once it’s no longer needed for nappies, but of course, it would be perfect for storing smaller toys too. 

The Monochrome Print

I’m a big fan of pops of colour, but it’s great to have a few prints and items that are black and white, as they are so interchangeable with any colour of decor. This ‘Sweet Dreams’ print is cute without being sickly, and also suits any gender (great for if you’re doing up a nursery for a ‘surprise’ bundle!). 

The Versatile Storage Bench

We LOVE this Abbeville storage bench for Arlo’s smaller room, as it doubles-up as seating AND somewhere to put his bits and bobs! It’s also great for if you don’t have room for a chair to feed on, and we’ve sat on here and snuggled in the evening before we put him down to bed. I can imagine reading him stories sat on this as he grows into an older baby, but before he gets a proper toddler bed. You can buy boxes or rope storage tubs to store toys separately. 

The Quirky Wall Shelves

I adore these fab Townhouse Wall Shelves that would make a real statement in any nursery, and are also great for displaying your little one’s trinkets on. I think they look great wall-mounted OR on a window ledge. 

The Fun Toy Storage

This Little Star Toy Cart holds LOADS- whether it’s books or toys, and the white/grey/wood scheme means that it fits in perfectly to any nursery without being too garish. The size (not too big, and not too small) means that it grows with baby, right through to when they’re older (we have a certain 6 year old who has already tried to pinch this!). 

The Easy-on-the-eye Toy Storage Option

Sounds crazy but one of my new favourites items is this large grey Rope Basket StorageAfter having hideous giant plastic purple buckets to hold the older two children’s baby and toddler toys in when they were small *shudders*, having this has pleased me no end. Again, it just fits perfectly with the room (and adaptable to any colour scheme), and I just love the dash of texture that these rope baskets add to a room. Thumbs up from me, and I think I’m going to get more!

The Scandi-Inspired Shelving Unit

As soon as I set eyes on this beauty I was swooning! It fits in perfectly with the Scandi look I’ve gone for, what with the white and wood together, and the design is just ace- perfect for holding all kinds of baby bits, and then toys and craft materials as your child grows. It just adds a touch of class and nod to something a little more stylish, rather than your usual, predictable ‘baby furniture’. 

So what do you think of these nursery updates? Do you have any tips for updating your nursery in a super-stylish way?

I’d love to know! 


*We were given these items to style by The Great Little Trading Co as part of their testing team, all words, styling and photography my own.



  1. September 20, 2017 / 1:12 pm

    Oh my gosh that room is beautiful! It makes me want another baby just to have a nursery again! x

    • Becky
      September 20, 2017 / 1:37 pm

      Thanks lovely, I must admit it is rather nice to be able to do it all again for the interiors aspect, haha! x

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