2nd child, 1st tooth

As the parent of a child who has been desperate to lose her first tooth, for, oh I don’t know, FOREVER, I couldn’t not mark the actual moment here!

I don’t actually feature the big two a huge amount on the blog now when it comes to personal moments, but this milestone is always a sweet one, and I’m so pleased for S that it finally happened, especially as she seems to be one of the last in her class to own a gappy smile. 

The tooth fairy came of course, although nearly forgot to come (a swift midnight jump out of bed occurred upon remembering!), and left the customary £2 coin in return for said tooth. 

The tooth’s neighbour is also wobbly, and will no doubt follow suit pretty soon. 

Don’t keep growing up too fast little one, I’m in no hurry for you to lose the rest!


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