Sasha at 4 years, 1 month


Whilst having a bit of a think about my blog this past week, how far it’s come, and where I want it to go in the future, it occurred to me that I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post about one of the children, or just the simple things we get up to. I never expect these to be particularly interesting for others, but to be honest having a little space on the internet that’s our family diary was one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place, before the thought that it could be a way to make a living part-time even came into it.

As the children get older, I’m more unsure now of what to write about them. I want to respect their privacy, yet at the same time would never write anything that I would consider, or that I think they would consider, embarrassing as they get older. Doing a bit of digging, I came across a few ‘Sasha at…’ or ‘Freddie at…’ posts from ages ago, and I loved reading them as it made me realise how much they’ve changed now, and also some funny moments that happened that otherwise might be forgotten. One of the joys of keeping a diary, or a blog. I’ve said it before, but I SO wish I’d started blogging before they were born, then I’d have fantastic records of my pregnancies and their babyhoods!  

THIS post about Sasha at 2 years 8 months highlights the change in her this past year and a bit- some of the things I wrote then couldn’t be more different now (hello, wanting to walking everywhere- not anymore!), so it really is great to see how your children change.

I took these photos with my big camera on the day of Sasha’s birthday last month, and I have to admit that I do love them. It’s made me want to get my portrait lens out more and make an effort to take some really good snaps. 

Looking at her here, she suddenly seems so grown up, and whilst I’ll miss her lots when she follows her big brother to school in September, we know that she is SO ready!

Here is our little lady at 4 years, 1 month:

  • Whilst she’s a very confident, chatty and outgoing soul in many ways, as she’s got older she’s become a little more clingy, that bit more wary of anything new. As a toddler she was always a complete daredevil, and whilst still very physical (loves rough and tumble, head locks with Freddie, is a total climber), she’s more cautious with it. Whilst I was convinced she would be leaping into the swimming pool by herself by now, she’s reverted to refusing to get in at all without being helped. She has her school induction next month, and although she knows loads of the children from her preschool who’ll be in her year, I have no idea whether or not she’ll want to leave me- it could go one of two ways! 
  • Sasha has declared several times now over the past few months that she wants to be a preschool teacher when she grows up, and spends lots of her free time at home playing schools with her dolls and cuddly toys. We bought her a pretend teacher’s kit for her birthday which included stickers for ‘good work’ and the like. The stickers are now absolutely everywhere and on every doll/cuddly of her’s – she’s clearly very generous with her praise! I love secretly watching her act out preschool scenarios like going to the ‘quiet room’ for story time, and telling her ‘class’ that they’re doing ‘good sitting’. She’s so gentle and caring with them and the way she picks them up- I don’t doubt she’d be an excellent teacher when she’s older. The back up plan is becoming an ice cream van driver if the preschool thing doesn’t work out, and that also sounds pretty good to me!
  • She’s also into Playmobil in a big way, Sylvanian Families, Duplo, the play kitchen and play shop, My Little Pony, and more recently, Shopkins. She plays with Lego sometimes but it’s still a bit small and fiddly for her I think. 
  • Absolutely loves crafts and drawing, and will spend ages having a go at writing letters and practising her name- the writing thing seems to come naturally to her which is a relief. I was worried that as a slightly younger one going to school (May birthday) she might struggle, but I know she’ll be just fine. She’s also started to draw different events that have happened to her/our family (such as a drawing of Freddie hurting his leg, complete with tears and everything), which is a little disconcerting! If the preschool/ice cream van career doesn’t pan out, then a job as a crime artist beckons! 
  • Is still super-cuddly, and we STILL often have a little visitor in our bed at some ungodly hour. She’s pure stealth though, so we don’t always get to put her back in her own bed- I wake up in the morning a bit stiff, and realise she’s THERE and Adam and I are on the edges of the bed! She’s quite possessive of me, and I have to make sure I give Freddie extra cuddles, as when I do go to cuddle him she often comes running up wanting one to and trying to gently move him out of the way.
  • Sasha is a whizz on the bike she got for Christmas, and has managed to ride a smaller bike without stabilisers at preschool. She obviously didn’t inherit her mother’s appalling bike riding skills (I couldn’t ride a 2 wheel bike on my own until I was nearly 9!). 
  • Her favourite foods are fish and chips, sweets (when allowed), porridge, and the grape obsession continues. We’ve always been lucky with the children that they eat most things, but she’s still a bit funny with anything cheesy- it’s a bit hit-and-miss (and horrifying for me as a cheese addict!). 

and finally…

  • She’s back to loving ballet! After a few months of not wanting to go, she suddenly decided she wanted to again, and now a good preschool friend of her’s has joined she’s even happier. Result!


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