Sasha’s 7th Birthday

LOL Surprise birthday cake

May can’t go by without acknowledging a certain someones’ birthday… and she certainly won’t let you forget even if you tried! On Friday Sasha turned 7, something she’s been looking forward to for months, as apparently as one of the younger ones in her class it sucks having to wait to turn the age that the majority already are! 

Oh well, you know they say that good things come to those who wait… and good things indeed! 

Despite her planning and hyping up the ‘event of the year’ (her words not mine), the weekend has actually been relatively nice and low-key. Instead of eating out on Friday night after school like we often do for birthdays in our family, she wanted to decorate pizzas at home and then have cake, something that we could accommodate! 

Presents included lots of drawing and craft gear, LOL dolls and ‘stuff’ (I know it sounds sexist but girls really do seem to gather so many ‘bits’ and ‘collectibles’!), Lego, Beanie Boos and the biggie- a first pair of roller blades that she’s actually mastered in our kitchen surprisingly quickly, and of course, they had to be tried on as soon as she opened them! 

Today she had a slime making party with some friends at a local place (most definitely NOT at our house, haha!), and it was brilliant for the kids, and importantly, easy for us, the parents! Here’s a few snaps at the party too- obviously I can’t share loads as the pictures have other children in, but nice to look back on. 

I’ve just read this back and realised I’ve used a ton of exclamation marks <naff naff naff> but I’m absolutely knackered after a crazy-busy weekend and too tired to care… So here’s another one for ya! 

Happy 7th Birthday to our special girl, may 7 be bloody brilliant for you! 


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