Sasha’s 6th Birthday

On Thursday our beautiful girl turned 6. She is clearly a ‘birthday person’, having essentially been planning this day and her subsequent party since, oh, JANUARY (and thank god the day finally arrived!). I always remember enjoying my birthday as a kid, but my excitement clearly isn’t a patch on Sasha’s. I was VERY impressed though that she managed to restrain herself from coming into our bedroom until 6.01am (any time before then she was told firmly was too early). 

So what can I say about our daughter?

She’s a wonderful mix of loving, kind, dramatic, the wittiest little thing, super smart, a natural athlete, so caring towards her friends (she gives away her little toys regularly and never minds if she gets them back), stubborn, cuddly, thoughtful, a real wind up merchant when it comes to her big brother and a doting sister to her younger brother…. I could go on all day about what makes her, her, and the joy that she brings to our lives.

Happy Birthday Sasha Joy Irene, and enjoy every second of being 6 years old!

Here are some snaps from her birthday and the weekend…. we had a family tea party on Thursday after school, and a bowling party for her school friends yesterday. I don’t know about her, but I am officially partied-out now!

silver age 6 balloon

^^The obligatory birthday balloons

^^Having help opening presents from Arlo, although not sure if he was more help or hindrance!

^^Birthday cuddle with big brother! Poor Freddie has been suffering from bad hayfever (hence the puffy eyes) but was still on form for Sasha’s big day.

pancake breakfast

^^Birthday Nutella pancakes, a tradition in our family. I swear I have to start the day at some ridiculous hour every birthday in order to fit everything in before the school run!

unicorn cupcakes

^^Birthday tea party prep! Thankfully for the last two years on her actual birthday Sasha has just wanted a little tea party with some of her cousins and my goddaughters, which makes things much easier. I actually enjoy prepping a tea like this, with scones/jam/cream and finger sandwiches. The unicorn cake is an awesome find from M&S (only £12!) and fed loads more people than the 12 that it states on the box (uncles, aunties grandparents, great aunties etc etc).

^^Yesterday S had a ‘Superhero/Princess Bowling Party’ for her and a load of her classmates, and the bowling seemed to be a big hit, with some children quite possibly finding their calling (seriously, some were brilliant for 5-7 year olds!). It brought back memories of having a ‘Megabowl’ party for one of my birthdays- I don’t think you can go wrong with something like this (apart from when Freddie was mere milimetres from dropping his bowling ball on my foot, ahem).

girl's superhero birthday cake

^Sasha’s pride and joy and I have to say, possibly the most awesome cake ever! I would like to claim that I made this but i’d be totally lying- it’s by a super-talented lady called Claire who runs Silver Pumpkins Cakes and Events, so if you’re in SE London she’s your lady! 

Happy Birthday Super Sasha (who I’m pretty sure will be starting to plan next year’s birthday very, very soon….)!


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