The Gratitude Express- Turning 31 Special


On Saturday I turned 31, significantly less daunting than turning 30, although it’s always a little disappointing that the older you get, the less special birthdays tend to be ( especially if you spend your birthday ill. Have I mentioned this enough yet?!). I guess that’s what’s so great about having children, that you can really give them a fabulous, magical birthday instead. Birthday planning for the smalls is one of my favourite things to do! I am actually really lucky though, as Adam had planned a night away (i’m not sure where yet), but he has managed to rearrange for two weeks time so we will celebrate then instead.

I have actually enjoyed this first year of my 30s immensely- lots of positive and unexpected things have happened, and I have a definite feeling of contentment right now (hoping that writing this isn’t the kiss of death!). 30 has been good to me overall, i’m hoping 31 is even better!

Whilst I was ill and tucked up on the sofa with my Lemsip, and yellow blanket (thank you, Blogfest!), I was able to reflect a little, and realise that despite feeling sorry for myself, I have lots to be thankful for, and one mini-non-birthday-blip is nadda in the grand scheme of things!

This week I am grateful for:

  1. Lemsip, Calpol, anti-biotics, drugs, doctors, NHS, etc etc. Our whole family has been really poorly in some way shape or form, and boy, am I grateful for living in a country where we have all this stuff on tap.
  2. Having family so close by, who are prepared to help out so much- they’ve been ANGELS this past week and been fantastic child entertainers whilst we’ve been floored by illness.
  3. The fact our two little troopers have been so good, and so brave whilst being ill. Neither of them complained a jot, they just wanted extra cuddles (of which I was happy to oblige!)
  4. Beautiful flowers from my Mum.
  5. Having such lovely friends (who also have great taste in cards and presents!)
  6. A fella who looks after me when I’m poorly, and lets me sleep for as long as I need.
  7. The film ‘The Holiday’ for cheering me up. Okay, so it was too early for anything festive really, and the acting is awful, but for some reason I always go back for more. Perfect lazy watching!
  8. Chocolate Panettonne from Sainsburys- SO good with a cup of tea.
  9. Routine! Call us boring, but we all thrive better on a bit of a routine, especially the children, and because we’ve all been out of sorts, it’s gone out of the window a bit. As a result the children have been grumpy, tired and unsettled. Amen for normal service resuming!
  10. Making sausage rolls- my favourite!
  11. The fact it’s now December- I can feel Christmassy guilt-free!

What are you thankful for this week?

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