Upgrading our cookware with Robert Welch Designs #Ad

As someone who is a frequent covert-er of beautiful home and kitchenware, it may surprise you that we have not been so hot overall in the cookware area. Whilst I’m all for products with longevity, and not being excessive in continuous consumption of ‘things’, I have to say that our pan drawer is looking a little sad looks-wise, and many of our ancient saucepans are on their way out. I’ve also been proud of my trusty steamer (16 years old now, it came with me on my first day at uni!), but the time has come, after burning incidents and melty plastic handles, for some swish new gear. 

Step forward: Cookware by Robert Welch

When the team at Robert Welch got in touch to see if I wanted to try and showcase some new cookware (including new steamer insert) I jumped at the chance. 

Robert Welch is a renowned family-run British company that designs fine, classic cutlery and homeware, all from its Old Silk Mill studio in the Cotswolds town of Chipping Campden. Founded by Robert Welch in 1955, his aim of creating highly functional but affordable designs with a timeless, elegant beauty (my kind of guy). 

Welch set up his company having studying at the Royal College of Art in London, with only his drawing board and a camp bed in a little rented room, in a disused workshop in the Cotswolds mill. Welch was a pioneer when it came to the introduction of stainless steel cutlery to the UK, and soon commissions began flooding in. After this he became a Royal Designer for Industry, and subsequently awarded an MBE. Today his designs can be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum and MoMA, as well as in homes across the world. The company is still family-run, and has a small team of in-house designers who add to the collections in a style that stays true to Welch’s legacy.

When it comes to life in the Freeman family kitchen, we are definitely a ‘foodie’ family, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times before, and cook a LOT, both for us as a couple, and for our 3 children, so our kitchenware does take a daily battering and therefore needs to be hard-wearing, as well as look good <shallow> 

When I received our Robert Welch 3 saucepan set from the Campden Cookware range, and also the steamer insert (also from the same range), I was impressed with how beautifully packaged they were, and therefore would make a great Christmas or wedding gift for someone, rather than trying to wrap up an awkward shaped ‘off the shelf’ saucepan’. 

On first inspection, and subsequently after use, I’ve been impressed with how heavy-duty the pans feel to cook with, yet interestingly still have a classy, ‘delicate’ design. 

They are super-shiny, even after washing and drying and thankfully show minimal water marks or fingerprints, and this positive trait makes them great to display post-cooking, either on a shelf or the range cooker itself. 

So how did they fare cooking? 

The smaller pans have so far survived scrambled eggs and baked beans unscathed (I’ve been known to nuke them in the post hockey club, pre-beavers club tea time rush), and I love the fact they have great, evenly sealed lids to keep food warm if necessary (weirdly we hardly own any other pans with lids still, I have no idea if they came with any in the first place!).

The steamer has really come into its own like I thought it would as it’s something we use a lot- broccoli and corn on the cobs have tested it so far, and no probs as I’d expect from a quality brand like Robert Welch, so a big thumbs up here. 

Having a set of ‘nice’ saucepans again is lovely, and because they’re in a set it means that they stack well after use too if you do want to put them away. 

Now we have these, I’m going to peruse the Robert Welch site for potential Christmas presents (for myself, obvs) and see if there are any other bits we fancy adding to our collection. 

It’s a ‘yes’ from me!

Robert Welch are offering 20% off all cookware at the moment, and this offer will be running until midnight on 28th October 2018, so get thee to the website now!


Thanks so much to Robert Welch for partnering with The Spirited Puddle Jumper, and enabling us to cook with style once more!

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