24 Weeks Pregnant

Over halfway! 

I can’t believe we are here already, especially as the first 12 weeks seem to drag on soooo slowly, but I guess it all speeds up, especially when you have other children to run around after too. 

You may have seen in my post here that we are having a baby boy, and really couldn’t be happier. Freddie was predictably delighted, but we’re so pleased that Sasha is happy too. She wanted a sister but has since said she doesn’t mind and is just excited for the baby to be here in June. I think it’s quite hard for F & S to grasp the concept of time when it comes to the baby’s arrival- we’ve had lots of “is the baby coming next week?”, to which the answer is always “no!” (well, I hope so anyway!), so it could be a long 4 months for Adam and I! 

Pregnancy-wise I’m in that ‘blossoming’ zone where I feel okay most of the time and have lots of energy. I’m trying to slow down a little and not overdo it too much though, a lesson I learned last Friday. I’d been doing a few hours of cleaning at our house to try and get it back in some kind of order before we move back in this weekend. Boy, did I feel it Friday night! My lower back was really aching and I was hobbling around quite a lot, something which certainly didn’t happen at this stage when I was pregnant with either of my other two. I am clearly feeling it more this time at 33 as opposed to 27 and 28!

Aside from not going too mad, I feel pretty happy and healthy (touch wood), and am trying to stay fit with some walking and a bit of light work at the gym. Weight-wise I’ve only put on about half a stone so far which I think is pretty good, although I’m not particularly watching what I eat – I think not drinking any wine has definitely helped! My first lot of blood results came back as having me slightly anemic, and after feeling dreadful due to lack of iron when I was pregnant with Sasha, I’d already been taking precautions and have Spatone mixed with orange juice every day. So far, it seems to be helping and I don’t feel too tired. 

Our baby boy is very wriggly at the moment, and despite the placenta being anterior, I can feel him moving and kicking loads, as can Adam and the children sometimes which is lovely. 

We’ve started to buy a few items of clothing and bits and bobs, but I’m always cautious not to go too mad ‘just in case’. However, it’s very hard to resist such lovely baby boy clothes in H&M, I admit I had a mini spree a couple of weeks ago! 

I don’t see a midwife now until 28 weeks, and I’m just going to continue enjoying this stage and looking after us both. It might sound a bit cheesy, but we do feel very blessed to have an opportunity to experience this all again.

After a gap of nearly 5 years it all feels very new in lots of ways!



  1. March 2, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    Making great progress and looking lovely too! I think you feel everything more with the third so totally to be expected. It will zip by, I’m sure. xx

    • Becky
      March 2, 2017 / 2:31 pm

      Ah thanks Suzanne! You know what it’s like with 3 and that third pregnancy, you are my 3 children guru!

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