DIY Nursery Projects

If you have a little bundle of joy on the way, you’re likely thinking of ways to jazz up their nursery to turn it into a cosy space. Despite this, nursery furniture and decorations can be incredibly expensive, so you might consider making your own. So, grab some saw blades from a UK supplier, grab all your craft supplies and put your creative hat on to carry out some of the following DIY nursery projects. From practicality to sentimentality, there are so many things that can be gained from DIY nursery projects. Discover what you can do to bring your baby’s nursery to life. 

Baby Card Collage

With a new baby, you’ll find yourself receiving a lot of cards. From baby shower cards to new baby well wishes, numerous people will want to wish you all the best with your bundle of joy. Despite this, it’s not practical to keep hold of every card you receive. If you’re particularly sentimental, though, you might not be able to bring yourself to throw them away. So, what do you do? Well, why don’t you create a baby card collage? Take all the cards you received for your little one, cut them into cute shapes, and stick them onto one collage. This way, you can display your favourite memories in your little one’s nursery. 

Sponge-Painted Statement Walls

Wallpaper can be really expensive, but sometimes a plain painted wall doesn’t cut it for a nursery. So, to get a fun and affordable pattern, you could use sponges, creating a funky wall scene to engage your little ones. Even the least artistic of people can make this look good, so don’t be put off if you feel you have no artistic talent. Whether you’re looking for bold colours, pretty pastels, or matte monochrome, all can be achieved with sponge painting. Just be sure to keep it to one feature wall; otherwise, you may end up with the room looking too busy. 

Bow Storage

If you’re expecting a baby girl or you already have one, bow storage is essential. This way, you can avoid bows being thrown into storage baskets and getting damaged. To create bow storage, you can take a large empty picture frame and stapling wire or hot-gluing ribbon or fabric to it. This provides you with somewhere to attach the bows; however, it’s worth noting that this technique only works for clip-on bows. Since bows are undeniably pretty, it only makes sense that you store them on display.

Cabinet Makeover

With a new baby, you’ll find that you have an endless amount of clothes. Since baby clothing is often cute and colourful, it makes sense that you’ll want to display it rather than hide it away. As a result, you might decide to get your hands on a free-standing pantry or one-off cabinet and remove the doors. Once you’ve done this you can spruce it up in any way that it requires and hang their clothes. This also makes it easier to switch out their clothing for bigger sizes when they grow, as you won’t have to trawl through a million drawers.


A baby mobile is one of the easiest things to make yourself. Simply choose characters that suit your theme, e.g., bees, dinosaurs, fairies, etc., and create some little pieces that can be hung from a mobile. This is sure to provide your little one with endless amounts of comfort to soothe them to sleep. As a new parent, you’re certainly going to appreciate this, as sleep is likely to be a real battle! What’s more, it makes for a unique and cosy space for your baby.


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