How to Design a Family-Friendly Garden

Especially during the summer months, the garden is the ideal space to gather as a family. Despite this, it can be tricky to create a garden that appeals to both children and adults. Naturally, children are all about playtime, yet adults want somewhere nice to relax. So, how do you go about treading the balance between the two? Well, with careful thought and consideration, it’s easier than you may initially think to design a garden that’s fun for the whole family. To that end, detailed below are just some of the things that can be implemented to design a family-friendly garden, including how to install artificial grass. 

Consider Your Outdoor Flooring Options

First things first, for a family-friendly garden, flooring needs to be properly considered. This is because kids are prone to slips, trips, and falls as they play and discover. As a result, a soft yet durable outdoor surface is required. Therefore, homeowners may be left wondering how to install artificial grass, as this boasts bounce back and durability without the mess of natural grass. In addition to synthetic turf, you might also make use of paving slabs to create pathways and create zones. This adds a layer of interest to your garden that adults can enjoy the aesthetics of and children can explore. 

As well as selecting a garden flooring or turf that is suitable for children, you might also need to factor in a pet-friendly option, if you have a furry friend that loves to play outside. If looking at a soft artificial turf, UK supplier Grass Warehouse recommend a dedicated pet-friendly variety, with a stronger, thicker pile, more durable fibres, and suitable drainage holes for cleaning up after your pet.

Integrate Garden Seating

If you’re looking to create a garden that can be used extensively, then seating is of the utmost importance. Despite this, seating can be big and bulky, taking up a significant amount of room. That’s where integrated garden seating comes in to act as part of the overall garden design. This way, you won’t have to search for storage space when the winter months roll around to keep your seating in good condition. For instance, if you use raised beds (as detailed below), these can be crafted in the form of benches, making for multifunctional pieces.

Use Raised Beds

Raised beds are ideal for gardens that otherwise have poor soil or levels, and they’re also great for adventurous children. This is because raised beds can act as mini tables, playgrounds, jumping-off areas, seats, or anything else your little ones imagine them to be. Making your garden an exciting space for your kids to explore doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor does it have to look unappealing. In fact, raised beds are great for kids, as they encourage imagination; they’re not anything specific to children, meaning they have the capacity to be anything at all!

Think About Your Play Equipment

As previously mentioned, outdoor play equipment doesn’t have to cost a bomb, and it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Instead, you might choose to get creative with your children’s play equipment so they have something that no one else has. What’s more, providing them with something in which they have to use their imagination is always valuable, as this inspires creativity that will be valuable to them in later life. One of the easiest pieces of play equipment that can be incorporated into a family garden is a rope swing. This simply has to be tied tightly to a sturdy branch, and you’re away. 

Make Use of Zoning 

Last but not least, an effectively designed family garden will be separated into zones. This way, you don’t have to attempt to create an all-in-one solution; instead, you can create zones that are more suited to adults and others that will be more frequently used by children. Zones could include a growing area, dining area, play area, or anything else that you feel your family could get some use out of. Moreover, having a few garden zones will make your outdoor space appear larger. 


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