Tummy Time: 8 Fun Activities to Try with Your Baby

Tummy may seem like a simple daily habit, but it’s incredibly important for your child’s development. Spending time on their bellies strengthens neck and back muscles, helps with coordination, and encourages them to explore the world around them.

While some babies take to tummy time naturally, others find it frustrating at first. The key is to make it an enjoyable experience filled with engaging sights, sounds, and interactions. Here are eight fun activities to transform tummy time from a chore into your baby’s favorite playtime activity:

1. Mirror Marvels

Introduce your baby to their reflection by placing a large, baby-safe mirror on a playmat during tummy time. They’ll be captivated by their own image, reaching and trying to touch the “other baby.” 

Mirrors designed for this purpose can be found at many online baby stores. This not only keeps your baby engaged but also encourages them to lift their head and neck, which helps strengthen those crucial muscles.

2. Bubble Magic

Bubbles are always a hit with babies, so consider blowing a few bubbles during tummy time and watch their little eyes light up as they try to catch them. You can even use a bubble wand to gently guide the bubbles in different directions, encouraging your baby to follow them with their head and eyes.

3. Textured Exploration

Sensory play is a fantastic way to stimulate your baby’s development. Invest in a playmat with different textures like soft fleece, bumpy surfaces, and crinkly materials. Let your baby explore these textures with their hands and feet during tummy time. You can even add textured toys or ribbons for them to grasp and manipulate.

4. Musical Moments

Put on some playful music and sing along to your baby. You can even create your own songs, narrating what your baby sees or describing their movements. This provides entertainment while helping develop their auditory skills and sense of rhythm.

5. An Array of Color

Spark your baby’s curiosity with brightly colored toys. Place them just out of reach during tummy time to entice them to push up with their arms and legs to get a closer look. Rotate the selection of toys regularly to keep things interesting. Consider including high-contrast toys in black and white for newborns – these are easier to see in the early stages.

6. Playful Peek-a-Boo

Who doesn’t love a good game of peek-a-boo? This classic activity is perfect for tummy time. Drape a lightweight blanket or scarf over your face, then peek out to surprise your baby. Laughter and coos are a sure sign they’re enjoying the interaction. 

7. Tummy Time on the Move

Tummy time doesn’t have to be confined to the playmat. You can also carry your baby face-down on your forearm, supporting their chest and belly securely. This position strengthens their core muscles and gives them a different perspective of the world.

You can even walk around the house or garden holding them in this position, making tummy time part of your daily routine.

8. Story Time on Your Chest

Snuggle with your baby and read them a story during tummy time. This provides closeness and comfort while stimulating their brain with language and colorful illustrations. You can even point to pictures in the book and describe them in a playful voice.

Treasured Tummy Time Moments

Start with short bursts of tummy time and gradually increase the duration as your baby gets stronger. Remember to always supervise your baby and place them on a safe, firm surface.

If your baby seems frustrated, take a break and try again later. The goal is to make it a fun and interactive experience filled with love and attention. Enjoy!


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