What Does It Take To Be A Valuable PTA Member?

We only want the best for our kids when it comes to their education. Becoming a children’s school’s PTA member (parent/teacher association) is an excellent method to have your voice heard and make your opinions known. This is often where meetings are conducted to discuss issues that have arisen within the school, as well as a location where teachers and parents can debate new ideas in order to ensure that the students receive the greatest possible education. Follow these suggestions for becoming a more helpful member of the PTA and having your opinions and thoughts taken into consideration.

Talk to other parents to get their perspective.

A wonderful method to gather a diverse range of perspectives is to speak with other parents on the playground in between school. If you attend a PTA meeting, you’ll find that many parents have conflicting views on a wide range of issues, and you may discover some amazing ideas that you could bring up at the next meeting. Head lice is one of the most common problems that students face at school. The key to solving the problem of children being sent to school with head lice is finding a practical remedy.

Propose educational trips

Children enjoy going on field excursions because they get to spend time away from the classroom and learn in a different way than they would in the classroom. Spend some time looking at educational trips for children of all ages. There are plenty of school trips in the UK that are fun and educational for all year groups. Think about the practicality of the trip, and whether or not students would benefit more from a day trip or an overnight stay. Additionally, you might want to show the committee the webpage so that you can all agree on a school trip for your students.

Consider other parents’ finances.

While you want nothing but the best for your child, your sentiments are shared by every other parent at the school, whether they are members of the PTA or not. Don’t forget to consider the financial status of the other parents as well. As you may be aware, the cost of uniforms alone is rising every year, not to mention all of the additional costs you are required to bear. When bringing ideas to the PTA for discussion, keep in consideration the expense to parents, since some may be unable to pay them and their child would miss out on the experience.

Keep an open mind.

Keeping an open mind in all situations is something that many people (let alone parents) fail to achieve. All opinions are welcome, and no one’s is better or worse than anybody else’s. The school’s handling of a certain topic may be something with which you disagree. Try to have an open mind regarding the circumstance at all times. Even while bullying is never acceptable, some parents have quite different ideas about how to discipline their children.


If you keep these suggestions in mind, you’ll quickly establish yourself as a valuable asset to the school as a PTA member.


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