What Everyone Needs to Know About Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

Some people would rather wear contact lenses on their eyes because they don’t feel comfortable while wearing the glasses or they cannot afford a LASIK laser eye surgery. People can buy a contact lens online or in an optic store. There are two options of contact lenses that are available on the market, which people like to wear such as: the daily wear lenses (it can be worn daily except in the night time) and the extended wear lenses (it can be worn in a whole day during one week period).

Using contact lenses can be beneficial to help people with various eye problems to have a clear eye vision, as long as it has been prescribed by the professional expert who is specialized in eye and vision care.

Here are the types and the materials of contact lenses that are commonly used and available contact lenses online Australia:

  • Soft lenses. This kind of lens is made from a plastic material called hydrogels where the form is similar to a gel and contains water inside. The purpose of the water and the gel inside the lenses are to make the contact lenses stay soft and moist by the time people are using them. Once the contact lenses are beginning to dry, the lenses are possible to be broken, if the lenses are running out of water.
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses. These lenses are an advanced type of soft contact lenses. This contact lens is more penetrable than the regular hydrogel lenses which allow more oxygen to reach the cornea. It enables the oxygen to reach the cornea five times faster than regular hydrogel lenses.
  • Gas permeable lenses. This contact lens is well known as Rigid Gas Permeable lenses—these types of lenses are stiff but more penetrable than PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) lenses and enable oxygen to pass them while people are using the lenses. This condition happens because the lens transmits oxygen without absorbing the water.
  • Hybrid contact lenses. These are the Acuvue contact lenses that provide more comfort than the silicone hydrogel lenses. This has a zone that firms a gas permeable inside the lenses. The lenses are having a combination of acrylate-silicone-fluorine in the middle of the lens to sharpen the central vision.
  • PMMA lenses. These lenses are made from a transparent rigid plastic material called polymethyl methacrylate. The material is used to substitute the glass as the main material in the shatterproof windows.

Due to the fragility that contacts have, there are some tips and tricks that we can do to keep them convenient to wear:

  • Pay attention with your eye condition while using the contact lenses. If you feel pain and hurt by wearing the contact lenses, it would be the best idea to take off the lenses, to prevent any unwanted harm to your eyes.
  • Be careful with the direct sun exposure
  • Don’t use the lenses while you’re swimming
  • Keep the case away from any dirt


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