Rainy Day Activities To Do With The Kids

Although summer is definitely on the way we still have showers come and go. We certainly will have some days stuck in the house as the weather will be too miserable to go outside. Depending on the age of your children they may struggle with focusing on a task for a long time. There are lots of different things you can do with the kids on a rainy day but here are some ideas to help give you inspiration. 

Make Some Food And Treats

Great bonding and learning exercise for your children is to teach them to cook and make food. You can start with something simple like chocolate cornflake cakes which is just melted chocolate and cereal and as they get older you can move on to more complex things like flan and brownies. When they get into their teens you can help prepare them for the real world by teaching them to make meals like spaghetti, mac and cheese and even a pot pie. It is a really enjoyable thing for kids to do, helps teach them basic skills and will be a great bonding activity for you.

Have A Movie Marathon On The Sofa

On rainy days, people want to be all cuddled up on the sofa with blankets watching something interesting on tv. You could introduce them to one of your favourite shows or films when you were a kid like the Harry Potter movies or chick flicks depending on what they like. You could also have it as a Disney day and go through some of your favourite movies on Disney Plus. 

Do A Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Set up a simple or complex scavenger hunt for your children. A short DIY scavenger hunt will send young ones scurrying around seeking goods if they’re suffering from cabin fever. For your older children, you can give hints or drawings, and for your smaller children, you can leave photographs. You can keep it simple and ask them to seek broad items like something red or specific items like a particular toy they love. Set a time limit and see who can gather stuff the fastest if you really want to get your kid’s competitive spirit going!

Embrace The Boardgames

So many of us have board games in our cupboards and some of them get forgotten about and don’t get played with. Why not get them out, clean off the dust and get some time away from the screens. There are so many great board games out there, you can even get some new and trendy ones to prepare for a rainy day that’s to come. It is always a good idea to show the kids they can still have fun even when they aren’t on screens. Board games are also a great bonding experience for all the family and everyone can get involved. 


Don’t let rainy days get you down, they are full of opportunity and the possibilities are endless. Enjoy quality time with family, they aren’t young forever.


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