Why It’s Important To Encourage Your Kids To Read More in Their Early Years

Reading comprehension is an incredibly important skill to have throughout life. As children, we generally learn to read in school through books, but also by practising our reading skills with signs, comic books, and other types of media. There are many ways for us to get accustomed to reading and understanding letters, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case for today’s kids. In fact, studies show that one in five children in England cannot read well by the age of 11. This is a shocking statistic that we need to work together to change as early as possible. Without reading skills, our children will struggle in school and they may find it difficult to navigate through life due to their lack of reading ability.

But that’s not the only reason why we should encourage our kids to read more. There are actually a plethora of reasons for bringing more books into the home and we’re going to explain a couple of them now.


Reading is a great way to encourage creativity

Reading can help your child learn more about the world through many interesting and informative books. There are fantasy books about wizards and dragons, there are non-fiction books about scientific subjects, and there are even cookbooks that can teach them how to make their favourite meals. It goes without saying that reading can certainly help your child learn a bit more about the world, and this helps them nurture their creativity over a long period of time. It’s a fantastic way for them to learn more about the world and it can give them a better idea of how the world works.

However, it’s not just books that can help encourage creativity. Even non-fiction works such as manuals, brochures, and advertisements in the newspaper can help spur your child’s creativity, teaching them all kinds of useful words that they can add to their vocabulary.

By reading more, your children will start to learn how they can be more creative with their own works. Whether it’s drawing things from memory, improving their imagination, or even learning to write poetry, reading is a wonderful way to help your kids understand more about how the world works and will teach them many unique and amazing things that exist in the world. So if you’re looking for a way to help your child embrace the beautiful and interesting things that the world has to offer, encouraging them to read is a brilliant idea.

Reading is something you can do with your kids

If you’re looking for a way to bond with your kids then reading can be a great option. This is because you can teach your kids the words they don’t know, you can help them imagine certain things as they read, and your kids might even look forward to storytime every evening. If you have the time, try and read more with your kids to help bond with them.

For starters, we’d suggest reading your child a bedtime story. Something light that can be understood easily is best because you don’t want to be explaining lots of difficult words. It should also be something that takes several nights to finish so that your child looks forward to their bedtime story. You should limit it to no more than 15 minutes, but if you should also use your judgement to leave it at a cliffhanger that will keep your child interested in the story.

Reading can be a fun pastime

Reading can also be a great pastime for your kids. While many children these days prefer to play video games or watch YouTube for entertainment, reading can still be a fun experience for them. This is especially true if you introduce them to a variety of different books–it doesn’t have to be fiction or non-fiction specifically! For example, Japanese manga comics are extremely popular among today’s youth, and even fanfiction has a huge following.

So if you’re looking for alternatives to things such as video games, why not consider reading as a pastime and get a Book Subscription For Kids? It might seem a bit different in comparison to what your kids are used to, but that’s where you should consider introducing technology to help them. A Kindle device is fantastic for discovering and reading new books, and comic books can look fantastic on a tablet device. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with regular books, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy reading nowadays.

Reading helps to grow your child’s skillset

Reading is also a brilliant way to grow your child’s skill set. This is because reading can teach them a lot of unique skills that they have no idea about. You could introduce them to art books that can educate them on how to draw, or you could give them a book about cooking and they can learn all about recipes and how their favourite meals are put together. While it seems rather far-fetched for a child to learn these kinds of subjects so early, it’s actually a brilliant way to test the water and see if they have an interest in those subjects.

So if you want your child to pick up a few new skills at home to supplement their lessons, don’t be afraid to introduce them to a few books that they can try out. Just make sure the topics aren’t too advanced! While you might think that your child is the next computer science prodigy, they’re not going to understand a book about computer programming until you’ve eased them into it with basic books about how to use technology. Keep in mind that a lot of their skills are also learned by doing things and not just reading!

Reading can help your child make friends

Your child is probably trying to make as many friends as they can when they enter school. It’s around the ages that kids learn to read that they also start using more words to communicate with their peers. They want to use the knowledge they have and they want to talk about the things that they’ve learned through reading. It’s an explorative experience for children and they get to try new things.

So if you want to help your child make new friends at school, don’t hesitate to give them a book or two–especially if those books are also about meeting new people and making new friends! It can really ease them into the idea of being more independent and talking to other kids. They might even consider joining a book club at school, or they could share their favourite books with their friends to have more subjects to talk about.


Reading is ultimately one of the most important skills in life

At the end of the day, reading is one of the most important skills that your child will need to live a successful and comfortable life. They don’t need to be on the level of a scholar or writer, but as long as they have a good vocabulary and understand most of the words they see on a regular basis, they’re going to find it much easier to get through life unimpeded. Of course, reading can also help develop skills, nurture relationships, and even give your child a fun pastime to enjoy throughout their life.


The earlier you encourage your kids to read more, the better it will be for their upbringing. Get some early age books and sit down with them to read. They’ll have fun, they’ll learn more words, and they’ll also pick up new skills.


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