Useful Home Safety Checklist to Make Your Home Safer

Security is a top priority for every homeowner. According to the FBI, in the United States, a burglary occurs about once every 30 seconds. Whether you are moving into a new house or seeking to improve your old residence, there are many security options.

You may opt for the DIY monitoring traditional methods or adopt modern smart technology like a window alarm system depending on your budget and preference. Here is a home safety checklist to make your residence safer.

Keep Your Valuable Hidden 

Here is one of the cheapest ways to ensure that your home is safe. Keep your valuables away from intruders and passers-by’s eyeshot. Some burglars are opportunists who grab anything they can see. In other cases, thieves hit houses that they know have valuables. Ensure that you do not make your place easy prey in any case. 

Do not leave expensive items like electronics, cash, jewelry, or purses near open windows. Always ensure that your garage door is locked and avoid leaving bikes or expensive tools in the open. Blinds and curtains help to keep the spying eyes away.  

Upgrade Door and Door Locks

While locking the doors may not exclusively prevent a determined burglar from entering your home, high-quality locks make it hard for intruders to break in. Consider deadbolt locks for all the exterior doors, which will make it difficult for uninvited people. Invest in strong door hinges and frames. Exposed hinges and old doors may pose unnecessary risks. 

The basic lock and key system have not changed since its invention many years ago, but the mechanism has incredibly improved. In this technology era, smart locks will make your home safer. This electromechanical lock enhances security as it receives instructions only from authorized devices. You can perform the locking and unlocking operations remotely.

Invest in a Home Security System

Did you know that a residence without a security system is about three times more at risk of being breached than one without? There are numerous home security options in the market today that offer every level of protection. Start by evaluating the security needs of your house and the neighborhood. Once you establish the likely risks, see what you need to protect them. 

Installing a reliable security system prevents intruders from breaking into your property as it alerts you in case of any threat. Also, if a burglar spots a sign of a home security system or CCTV camera, they will most likely abort their mission. Consider installing cameras that transit real-time for prompt intervention. 

Reliable security systems will detect any movement on your front porch or yard and alert you. In case someone attempts to enter your home, a functional window or door sensor lets you know, and in some cases, the alert is sent to law enforcers on your behalf. 

Lock Your Garage, Door and Windows

Many people overlook the garage as they put all their effort into securing their homes. The garage provides effortless access for thieves to gain entry into your house. Among your night routine, include checking the garage door and ensuring it is well closed. 

Never make it easy for a burglar to stroll into your space through the main door. Always inspect and ensure that the doors are locked and hinges well protected. If you move into a previously occupied house, change door locks to ensure that no extra person has keys to your home. 

Experts suggest that windows are a common entry point for thieves. Beef up your home security with key-operated levers and window sensors.


A safe home is appealing and every homeowner’s dream. Besides the above-listed tips, always ensure your residence is well-lit. Burglars, vandals and criminals thrive in darkness and hate the light. Ensure ample indoor and outdoor lighting. Giving an impression that someone is always home also scares away anyone with ill intentions.


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