Updating your kitchen on a budget

As anyone who’s a regular reader of my blog will know, we had a complete renovation of our kitchen and dining room 18 months ago, knocking a wall down so both rooms became totally one, and I was excited to really make it our own as the old kitchen wasn’t to our taste at all and was totally falling apart. This was by no means an easy task, and it took its toll at times, but we have been delighted with the end result and it’s a space that we use and love every day. I still often pinch myself that it’s ours. 

However, regular blog readers will also know that we have decided to try and move house to one specific house only for lots of different reasons, but the main one being size. The house that we want has more bedrooms than our current one and a big downstairs, but one fairly minor ‘sacrifice’ that we’re going to have to make for a few years if we do get the house is that we won’t have the same kind of big kitchen/diner space until we can afford to do a big extension. 

The kitchen is still a fairly decent size and not tiny by any means, but it’s really not to our style. 

I’ve been thinking (all I seem to do is think about interiors these days, I am definitely getting older!) about what we could do with the current kitchen there as a more cost-effective, temporary measure to upgrade it and make it somewhere we still want to be, without spending a ton of money or installing a brand new one. 

I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from Instagram lately from people who have perhaps painted kitchen doors and put new handles on, or ripped out top cupboards in favour of open shelving, installed new work surfaces whilst keeping the shell, or perhaps installing new kitchen doors so the kitchen looks new without breaking the bank. I’ve been looking at Kitchen Warehouse, a site that has such kitchen cupboard doors as well as bespoke kitchens and other components, all at warehouse prices, so you can get a swanky look without breaking the budget. 

If we do end up moving, I know they’ll be ways we can live with the kitchen there for a while and still make it look lovely. 

You can’t say I’m not an optimist! 

Here are 10 ways to upgrade your home on a budget:

Have you ever upgraded your kitchen on a budget? I would love you to share links to any posts/photos if you can, before and after pictures of kitchens are my new obsession! 


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