My Home Style – Edition 8

Hello all! At the moment things might be a tad quieter on the blog, what with the wedding on Friday (EEEEEEEK) and then Adam and I going on honeymoon, followed by a week’s holiday with the fam, but I will still endevour to continue to write about my faves. With that in mind I bring you Edition 8 of My Home Style (#MyHomeStyle), and there are, indeed, some lovely photos as ever from the best of Instagram’s interiors on the blog today. 

If you ever want to join in this fun hashtag, all you have to do is take a photo of something you love that is related to interiors/the home, and then tag the photo on IG with #MyHomeStyle. Every fortnight, myself and Emma (Life at the Little Wood) choose our favourites that we believe are a feast for the eyes, and share them with our readers. All are welcome to take part! 

There is no particular theme this week, just some snaps that caught my eye- my tired, wedding-planing-fried brain can’t process much else right now, so I just want some pretty things/rooms to drool over!

First up, I love Laura’s (@laurarobinson5) arty snap of her mirror and photo wall. I love seeing ideas for photo walls, as it’s something I’ve been meaning to so for ages in our own hallway, but haven’t bothered as I’ve known that our house would be completely redecorated once the building work has finished. I like the variety of frame sizes and colours, and the fact there is a mix of photos and prints. She’s also teasing us with the sneak peak of her bedroom- I’d like to see more of this (not in that way you filthy beggers!)


I’m a big fan or globes/maps within the home, and when I was small used to kneel up and look at the map in my Dad’s study for hours <geek>, so therefore I still feel very drawn to them, which is why I like Aimee’s (@missaimeefluer) so much. I also love the pops of turquoise colour in the room- they look great against the largely neutral palate. 


I adore Claire’s (@clairemb12) photo styling of her home accessories and trinkets, and the yellow, blue and green all together, along with the different patterns and motifs is really eye-catching.


This kitchen of @mrsmagnetitt is to die for! The small mint green tiles on the side of the breakfast bar look great against the crisp whiteness of the rest of the kitchen, and it just has such a bright, clean feel. Top marks too for the purple Kitchen Aid!



From one Kitchen Aid to another…Lesley’s (@lesleylocket) picture really appealed to me, as cheesy as it sounds, I love nothing more than the idea of being at home in a cosy kitchen and whipping up something tasty/baking. Ok, ok, I’ll wake up from my Mrs Beeton fantasty (or nightmare, depending on how you feel about all things domesticated), but STILL. Nothing will stop me swooning over this yellow mixer and it’s perfectness! 


Big thumbs up to Chloe’s (@chloegraceb) lovely pot and flower/succulent arrangement. A great way to add interest to a fireplace of shelf.


@Lotte5378 is an Instagrammer worth following, as she has some truly gorgeous photos of her home, party styling and fashion choices. This week she has two photos that I love. Firstly, her bathroom is heavenly with a real vintage feel to it, and secondly, I think her upcycled vintage pink dresser is inspired. I really want one for a dressing table in our new loft bedroom!

0601 0611

And finally this week…I found this photo by Luisla (@luislapegna) and I think everything about this room is fantastic. From the huge talking point of a picture (ok so this might not be to everyone’s taste) to the gorgeous yellow decanters that pop against it, it just looks ace. I like how there are lots of textures going on throughout. Super cool.


So what did you love this week? I’d love to hear!

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Thank you! 


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