Jazz up your jean collection with Mango and House of Fraser


Whilst I am definitely a ‘dress girl’ on occasion, the one thing I am on a day-to-day basis is a lover of jeans. My wardrobe is bursting with them (ask Adam!), and at last count I had nearly 30 pairs, which is actually quite embarrassing if you think about it (I try not to). 

As a busy Mum running about after a 3 and 4 year old, and also working from home, plus doing a fair bit of networking/socialising in the evening, I need my jeans to do their bit, yet I also want to look vaguely stylish. I hate the long-standing cliche that ‘Mummy at home = frump’, and have always done my best to knock this on the head, even if i’m heading home to crack on with a social media management campaign, and the only person to see me that day is the postman (oi oi!). 

So when House of Fraser offered me the chance to road test a pair of Mango high-waisted skinny ‘Noa’ Jeans, i jumped at the chance. I buy my jeans from a variety of places, and TopShop ‘Leigh’s are usually my go-to ones, and I have them in a variety of colours. However, the pairs I’ve bought of late have seemed to fade quite quickly after several washes and/or have thinned out quicker than they used to. I have therefore been on the hunt to try some different styles/makes, so this offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was nervous as to how they would fit on arrival. There is nothing worse than ordering your usual size (a 10 in my case), only for them to be depressingly tight, or the other end of the spectrum, saggy around the legs and bum. All too often the jeans go loose after a few washes, which is a big disappointment. 

Not so in the case of the ‘Noa’s’- these babies fitted like a glove, and have maintained their fit after a month of wear now. They have also surprisingly maintained their colour too. I opted for a marl- navy pair (goes with everything, looks great day or night), and they are still looking fresh. It sounds silly, but the jeans feel ‘supportive’ – stretchy and comfy yet ‘firm’ at the same time. High-waisted styles can feel like they cut you in half, but these definitely have some give. Perfect for that ‘food baby’ when you’re eating out 😉

At 5ft 5, I’ve found the jeans are just on the long side of right, if you are shorter they might be a little too long for you. I have worn them with trainers (as in the pics above), but they also look cracking with a pair of chelsea boots or heels. #winning 

These will genuinely be my new favourites for future high-waisted jean purchases, and I’m already eyeing up the grey and black pair. 

Just because you’re kicking around with the kids, there’s no excuse for looking shabby!*

What are your favourite pair of jeans?


*unless you’re like me right now typing this, at home, in PJs with a stinking cold, then you’re allowed 😉


Thanks so much to House of Fraser for being ace and gifting me these fabulous jeans! All words and opinions my own, and I am FUSSY when it comes to my trews.

Hat – ASOS, Blouse – Zara, Jeans – Mango c/o House of Fraser, Trainers – Adidas Gazelles at Next


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