Toddler Activities in Lockdown: What Arlo has been up to

Now lockdown is starting to ease (for now), March seems a million miles away, yet 4 months is no time at all really. There has been so much to juggle: work, homeschooling, keeping on top of house/life admin, finding toddler activities in lockdown… it’s been a crazy time, although I definitely say that we’ve been luckier than some. 

What has played on my mind has been our slightly neglected now-3-year-old, the little guy who hasn’t complained once, and who’s independent and easily occupied nature has made being able to work or homeschool the older two SO much easier than it could’ve been. I’ve been worried that we hadn’t done that much with him in the grand scheme of things, but when his preschool requested that we send in some snaps yesterday of anything that he’d been doing over lockdown at home, I realised that actually, he’s done a fair bit of ‘activity’ and that we should give ourselves a pat on the back! It’s so easy to be hard on yourself as a parent and often feel you should be doing ‘more’, but looking back at the photos I found on my phone, he’s done plenty! 

I thought I’d bung all these snaps on a blog post here, not to be smug, but simply as something nice to look back on, and to share some of the things Arlo got up to during the crazy year of 2020, and some ideas for toddler activities in lockdown! 

toddler butterfly crafttoddler butterfly craft

skittles colour experiment

Gruffalo craftgruffalo craft

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  1. July 24, 2020 / 3:47 pm

    Oh this all looks SO fun! The sparkly wand and Elmers are my favourites though.
    Great job Arlo 🙂

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