8 Things Every Family Garden Should Have

child gardeningYour family garden can be a wonderful place to spend time together in the beautiful weather – it can also be a place for your kids to enjoy various activities, staying healthy and active and enjoying the fresh air. Kids are too prone to being cooped up inside these days, so making sure you have an amazing garden that they love to spend time in will encourage them to get outside. Below, you’ll find 6 things every family garden should have, so take a look and see what you need to include: 


Social Seating

Social seating gives you a place to sit and catch up with loved ones, even enjoy barbecue food on hot days. Connection is an essential part of any family, so making sure you have a place to do this in the garden will make it a far more magical place for you. 

A Fire Pit 

A fire pit can keep your garden well lit and warm into the night, so if you’re having extended family over then it’s perfect. 

Play Equipment

Be cautious about the play equipment you buy for kids. It should of course, be classy looking, but it also needs to be safe. It doesn’t need to be plastic or poorly made, but you will need to be willing to invest a little more so that it stands the test of time. Just make sure that they won’t grow out of it too quickly!

The Right Type Of Grass 

Many families don’t consider their grass and how it could impact the garden. However, when there’s a lot of foot traffic in the garden (especially from heavy footed kids) it could be better to go for astroturf from a place like https://www.southamptonartificialgrass.co.uk/. Astroturf will look good no matter what, and requires very little maintenance compared to regular grass. 

Flowers and Plants 

Beautiful flowers and plants can add color and even beautiful smells to your garden. Just make sure that you can easily maintain the flowers you add, and that you don’t have anything that might be toxic to your pets. 


Growing your own vegetables will make your food shop less troublesome, plus, it’ll teach your kids many valuable lessons and vegetables and how to grow them. Watching them sprout up will be a joy! 

Fun Additions

There are many whimsical and fun additions you can make to your garden. For example, a fairy garden, rock garden, or even something to do with dinosaurs. A tipi can be a great place for your kids to hide and read or play make believe, and a hammock is always going to be fun. 


Privacy will give you peace of mind as you spend time in your garden. You don’t want to let any prying eyes in while you’re all minding your own business, so make sure your garden is not too open. Security lights can also help, as can a sturdy gate and fencing. 


Does your garden have the 8 things mentioned here? Leave a comment! 



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