Keeping your dog safe while walking

When you first get your puppy home, it is typically to be very excited. Having images of them bounding through fields and running back to you when you call. In the movies, when you see a loyal dog strolling by its owner – it looks peaceful and happy. 

But it takes work to get there. 

A daily walk is essential for your best buddy. It isn’t something that you can decide you don’t want to do. Your dog needs a daily walk for exercise, to release pent up energy, for socialization, and entertainment too. 

Quality Lead 

There is no way that you can keep your excitable dog safe if you don’t have the equipment to stop them from running away. The dog leads that you choose should depend on the size and strength of your dog. 

Something between 4-6 feet gives the dog enough room to sniff around, but also keep them safe. 

Harness & Collar

If you have a dog prone to pulling, or a large breed with a lot of power, a harness is a great idea. A harness will wrap around your pet’s upper body and across the chest. They often have padding and are very comfortable when fitted well. 

There are two clip options too. Back clip is excellent for nonaggressive dogs, whereas front clips are great for behavior issues or aggression. 


No matter how well you look after your dog on a walk, they can be tricky little beasties and may escape anyway. Make sure that your dog is wearing a tag with up to date information, as well as being microchipped

This will mean people have twice the possibility of returning your beloved pup if you are accidentally parted. 


If you are training your pooch. Or trying to reinforce the training they are having at puppy camp, then bringing treats on a walk is a great idea. 

This will mean they can be rewarded for things like sitting at the lights, returning when called in the park, and so on. 

Snacks will also help hold their attention if there are other dogs off the leash. These are an excellent chew and a healthy distraction too. Your dog will be excited to work on this all-natural treat. And as always, keep an eye on your pooch while he’s happily chewing.   

Night Walks

When the sun sets earlier in the winter months, your four-legged friend still needs to be walked. It would be best if you considered getting some reflective gear for you and your dog. Collars, harnesses, and dog jackets will provide enough reflection for drivers to see your dog better. 

You can also get a clip-on light or a blinking light for you or your dog leash. More traffic accidents tend to happen after dark, so increase your chances of being seen as much as you can. 

Weather Aware

There are some weather conditions that you shouldn’t walk your dog in. We don’t typically mind too much rain, but when it starts to turn into a thunderstorm, a dog can quickly get scared and bolt. 


Equally, or perhaps more dangerous, when the weather is too hot. Many people will still walk their dogs, even though the ground is too hot to stand on. If you rest your palm on the floor and it feels too hot, then don’t let your dog’s paws touch it either. 


Those tips are enough to get you started on your fun journey of taking your new buddy for a walk. 



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