Tips For Becoming A More Engaged Parent

Parenting is a challenging job some days, and sometimes you may be wondering if what you’re doing is right and productive. It’s normal to second guess yourself, especially when there is no playbook or magic formula for learning how to parent.

A lot of it has to do with having patience and using trial and error to learn from your mistakes. One way you can be sure to improve your relationship and bond is to be more present. Continue reading to get some tips for becoming a more engaged parent and ensure your kids feel heard and know that you care.

Listen & Eliminate Distractions

Put down the technology every so often if you want to become a more engaged parent. Listen with open ears and without judgment or making assumptions. Eliminate distractions when your kids do come to you so that listening fully and showing that what they’re telling you matters. If you’re a busy parent with a lot of work to do then it may be wise to schedule certain times to discuss topics away from all the chaos such as in the garden so that you can better connect and you’re not distracted.

Plan Activities You All Enjoy

Schedule regular family time and play together as a way to become a more engaged parent. Plan activities you all enjoy doing such as watching movies or swimming outside in your pool. Make sure it’s always ready to go by looking into your Pool Heating options and finding a solution that’s right for you. If you don’t have a pool of your own then you can always get them into swimming lessons or find somewhere to swim locally with other kids. Having fun together is important and is a chance for your kids to explore and learn more about interacting with others and enjoying life.  

Ask Questions

Another one of our tips for becoming a more engaged parent is to ask questions and seek information. The more you show that you care about their thoughts and feelings and opinions, the more likely they are to open up to you. Engage by asking the right types of questions and getting them to share and tell you what’s on their mind or what they’re thinking. It may help to have family dinners together so you can all converse as a group and dive deeper into certain matters in a relaxed environment.

Be Involved with Their Education & Interests

If you want to be a more engaged parent then you should try to get more involved with their education and interests. Find out what they’re learning at school and if they’re struggling in any areas so you can help them. Carve out time for homework and be available in case they need assistance. Take time to attend their school activities or events and learn more about what their interests are and how they like to spend their free time when they’re not in the classroom.


These tips will help you become a more engaged parent which will also lead to having a happier and healthier home life for you all. You want to make sure your kids feel safe, secure, and loved and that they know you care and are always there for them. Use these suggestions as a way to get to a better place as a family and parent.


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