The Rim Story: All the Positives of Choosing Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are the perfect rims for almost every vehicle. Not convinced? Read on to find out all the many advantages of choosing alloy wheels over steel versions.

It’s a Lighter Life

Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel wheels and this can have a huge impact on various features of your car.

  • Steering and handling becomes infinitely more responsive, so you can turn on a penny, stop sharply and feel in complete control when driving, especially when cornering or attempting turning manoeuvres.
  • Wear and tear is dramatically reduced. This is because the weight of the vehicle affects the ease with which the car moves. The choice between steel or alloy when it comes to wheels, being outside of the suspension system and therefore providing unsprung weight, can make a big difference to the heaviness of the car, with alloy wheels being much kinder to the car’s components than heavy steel.
  • Tyre replacement will happen much less frequently. Again, this is due to the weight pressing down on the tyres, with alloy wheels causing little wear of the rubber, and minimising the effect of small manufacturing flaws that might become major issues with the weight of unsprung steel wheels pressing down on them.
  • Fuel consumption will be reduced by as much as ten or twenty percent with the change from steel wheels to alloy alternatives, which can, over the course of the wheels’ lifetime, save you more than the extra cost, making it a net cheaper alternative over steel wheels.

Corrosion Resistant

Alloy wheels are made from materials that do not react with salt, which can be found in the sea air in coastal regions, and also on gritted roads throughout the country during the winter. Steel, on the other hand, does rust quite readily, discolouring an ugly red-brown colour and – if left to continue – pitting and corroding the integrity of the steel. Alloys cope very well with a salty onslaught, and can simply be washed, as usual, to return them to their usual pristine colour and texture.

They Look Good!

The last reason for choosing alloys is perhaps the most superficial, and yet, if drivers are honest it can be their main impetus for committing to alloy wheels: they look amazing! Alloys can be shaped into delicate patterns and spokes, and can even be designed into optical illusions that make the wheels seem to be turning backwards, or going faster than is actually possible and any number of other unique formations.

Now you know all the benefits of alloy wheels. Also you no longer have any excuses for not choosing them the next time you have to change your wheels! And whenever you are in the mood to pamper your ride and give it new wheels, we would recommend you to buy MAK alloy wheels in Loughton from Elite Direct. They have a huge variety of other brands as well and the best part is they sell them at trade prices. You can book them online or call at 01708 525577 to get expert advice for choosing the right set of wheels for your ride.

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