Shocking celebrity beauty treatment

When we look on at celebrities, we are always intrigued to know how on earth they manage to stay so young. How is it that their skin glows and their features are sharp? While there is no harm in aspiring to be like these otherworldly creatures, we probably should not always follow their behaviours. Nothing is truer than in their pursuit of beauty, where there are some shocking, some gross and some downright peculiar habits at play. Let us dive deeper.

Jennifer Lopez

We are always a fan of go big or go home, so let us start with super shocking! J Lo is something of an icon and normally we wouldn’t challenge anything she does. But and it is a big but. We are not going to have human placenta rubbed on our faces as part of a facial treatment. Granted, she is not frying that placenta in a pan and chowing down as some do, but the idea of smearing this concoction on the face sends shudders to our very stomachs.

The placenta, in all seriousness, is full to the brim with all the essential goodies of life. It has grown a baby pretty well, so has the ingredients for creating life. Therefore, the theory seems sound but just a little gross!

Victoria Beckham

If the remains of childbirth haven’t shocked you, how about having a facial treatment made from the poo of birds. Victoria Beckhams face never seems to change over time, so we should be open-minded. However, before you head to the garden to acquire some of the pigeon’s finest debris, it is a specific bird required. Geisha Facials, which is the posh name for a Posh Spice, is made from the dehydrated droppings of the nightingale. Now, when you say it like that it doesn’t seem half as crazy.


As we are on a theme of facials and the oddest facial materials ever, how about a cat litter facial. Before you think she is exfoliating with that white or grey grit that cats do their business in, she is using the clay cat litter. Ah, you think, now when you dig deeper, it is not so crazy. Get those little clay pellets, add a little water, and make a paste and all you are doing is repurposing.

Alternatively, you could always go to the pharmacy beauty counter and buy a clay facial. Just a thought.

Kim Kardashian

You are likely braced right now for all possibilities. Kim K is not known for her conservatism and you would be right to be shocked. Kim thought that it would be a good idea to have a vampire facelift. Yep. She had her blood taken, the platelet-rich plasma removed, and then had this injected into her face. We do not even have to try to exaggerate with this one – it is exactly what she did! All we can say is “ouch.”


Cameron Diaz

What about if you had more money than sense? What product would you have rubbed on your face in this event? What about 24k liquid gold? For a mere £1500, you could have the gold rubbed into your face. Now, we must admit that this is only shocking because of the price. Liquid gold does have anti-inflammatory qualities and is known to reduce the effects of ageing. So, if you have a couple of grand free every six months or so, you too can look like Cameron Diaz.

Mila Kunis

We feel like thousands on liquid gold facials isn’t shocking enough. So, let’s turn to the beauty antics of Mila Kunis. Her facial cost her £5000. During this treatment, Kunis has antioxidant-rich precious stones rubbed on her face as she sucked an ice cube. The impact is powerful, as it reduces inflammation in the face. It is also great at reducing the flabbiness in your bank account!

Lady Gaga

Any list about crazy would not be complete without a mention of Lady Gaga. We love her for her eccentricities, but we will not go so far as to recommend you do this. In the morning, as Lady Gaga looks at the mirror, she contemplates the face she would love to see. She then gets sticky tape and pulls her face into that shape. A sort of Sellotape facelift, if you like. Now, if this wasn’t ill-advised, the use of sticky tape to remove makeup is also not one we would suggest. But hey, at least it’s cheap.



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