Don’t Forget To Pack These Essentials When Going Abroad

Many of the things we pack when going abroad can be easily replaced if we forget them. For instance, if you forget to bring your toothbrush or sunscreen, you can always buy a replacement when you get there. Other items can’t be replaced so easily – forgetting them could ruin your holiday. Below are some of the essentials when going abroad that you cannot afford to forget.


Forget your passport and you won’t be able to leave the country. There is nothing worse than turning up at the airport and realising you’ve left your passport on the kitchen countertop – always make this item a packing priority.

It’s worth always checking passports a few months in advance to ensure that you don’t need to renew them. If your passport has expired – or is within six months of expiring – you’ll likely be unable to travel on it. Applying for a new passport can take several months, although there are fast-track options that you can pay extra for. 

Travel documents

It’s handy to print off any confirmation documents of things you book before going abroad. While most of this information will be stored digitally online, having paper documents as a back-up can be useful if there are tech problems and you need extra proof. Some of the documents worth printing off include.

  •         Hotel booking information
  •         Flight/ferry documents
  •         Visa confirmation
  •         Travel insurance documents


Even if you’re planning on never leaving your all inclusive hotel, it’s handy to have spending money – or at least access to money. Consider always bringing a debit card or credit card.

Taking out cash before you go could be useful when visiting some countries, however you should research whether it’s cheaper to convert cash in the UK or when you get there. Preloaded currency cards are another option if you want to pay electronically but don’t want to be charged a transfer fee on your own card. 

Medication/health supplies

Forgetting medical supplies and health supplies could be dangerous. Make sure that you’ve packed any prescription medication with you. This could include:

  •         Allergy medication
  •         Contraception
  •         Glasses/contact lenses
  •         Prescription painkillers

Taking a document of your prescription information could also be useful in case you need to replace meds. On top of prescription medication, consider general essentials when going abroad such as first aid supplies including bandages, plasters, painkillers and antiseptic lotion. 

Infant supplies

Travelling with a baby? While you may be able to buy supplies such as nappies, infant formula and baby wipes abroad, you may not always be able to get the same brands. You certainly don’t want to be doing a flight with no nappies or milk. Make sure that this stuff is all packed in your hand luggage.

Electronic chargers/converter plugs

Forgetting to bring your phone could be a nightmare – but a much more likely mistake is forgetting to bring your charger. If you have to charge your phone overnight and are leaving first thing in the morning, set yourself an alert on your phone so that you remember to take your charger out of the wall.

A converter plug could also be necessary when travelling to many countries and be one of your essentials when going abroad. A lot of countries don’t have the same sockets as in the UK – converter plugs aren’t always easy to find abroad, so consider shopping for one before you jet off. 

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