The perfect baby-friendly holiday?

In my post the other day, I talked about my excitement and fears of having 3 children, especially having 3 after a break of 5 years. With our new baby boy due in June, we will be heading back to the ‘trickier’ baby and toddler stage, after a couple of years of relative ‘freedom’. And when I say ‘freedom’, I mean the ease at which you can go for days out and on holiday without all the cumbersome paraphernalia such as bottles/buggies/nappy changes, and having to find somewhere toddler-friendly to eat and where your little one can nap if needed. 

I’m not going to lie, it does make me feel a little anxious!

I’m keen not to feel totally tied down again, but an element of that might be inevitable, no matter how much more relaxed I think we’ll probably be third time around. 

I am determined though that our more laid-back parenting streak will enable us to still carry on doing all the things we want to do as a family, including travel and family holidays. You know how you have things that you’re happy to compromise on when you become a parent and/or you have to budget a little (ok, a lot) more? Well, for me, travel isn’t one of them. I certainly don’t necessarily want flash holidays, but to Adam and I, seeing the world, and our children seeing the world, is so important to us. As is spending time as a family away from the London rat-race. 

Which is why now with the impending arrival of number 3, I’m starting to think of different options when it comes to family holidays, holidays that are made easier with the inclusion of baby-friendly items and equipment (NO ONE wants to have to pack the steriliser alongside their bikini unless they absolutely have to), as well as things for the older two to do. 

With Freddie and Sasha, we’ve all stayed together in larger, family-sized hotel rooms before. Whilst this has actually been fine, the trips that we’ve taken that have been self-catering, and with separate bedrooms have admittedly been the best. Even now at the ages now of 6 and nearly 5, when when the children are fairly ‘easy’, it’s still so nice to be able to put them to bed, and then go and relax on the terrace or in another room with some food and wine, and not have to crack open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the en-suite loo so as not to wake anyone <ahem>

And I’m not going to lie, the thought of sharing a hotel room with two excited children and now a potentially howling baby makes me want to run for the hills. 

So with this in mind, my thoughts have recently turned to villa-style holidays, and preferably baby-friendly ones where you get that touch of luxury with a highchair and pool safety barrier thrown in. Tots to Travel do some AMAZING luxury holiday villas that cater for both adults, and babies and children. I was seriously impressed with their detailed list of Tots Essentials, a family friendly holiday kit guarantee that comes with EVERY holiday villa or apartment. 

So many of their destination choices are perfect for families of young children- whether it’s the balmy, year-round-consistent weather, a culture that loves little ones, or the huge array of restaurants on offer and to cater for all ages and tastes, Tots to Travel really spoils you when it comes to choice. 

Our baby is due right at the end of June, so a sun holiday this year when he’s so little might be out of reach for us, but hell, I am certainly booking one for next year, and perusing the Tots to Travel website good and proper! 


Where have you been on holiday with your baby or toddler before? What do you think makes a holiday a good one when you have small children?


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