Improving Your Surroundings: 5 Plants You Can Grow At Home

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Let’s go back to basic science! Do you remember why there is oxygen on Earth? It’s because of plants! When you breathe, your body’s systems work to take in oxygen and then release carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, the plants absorb the carbon dioxide you release and use this to make and release oxygen. For this reason, people and plants make for natural partners as they both benefit each other.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re close to nature, you can breathe easier? It’s because the nearer you are with plants, the more the plants can purify the air you breathe. Know that most plants clean the air by removing toxins.

By adding plants in the corners of your house, your mood will increase and make the air less stuffy. It makes your surroundings more comfortable and healthy. It can also make any room stylish and modern. If you’re interested, here are five plants you can grow at home:


Petunias are known for their bright and lively petals that bloom from spring until winter. Petunias are often given as gifts because of their aesthetic and fragrance. If you want to plant this flower, you’re in luck! It’s effortless to grow both in your garden and in containers. As a result of its ability to grow well, there are fewer pests and disease problems. It can adapt to any climate and soil conditions.

Additionally, petunias can boost your mood and reduce the stress you may have. If you’re the type of person who’s always busy and always on the go, this plant is for you as it requires minimal maintenance only. Find out more here about petunias and how to grow them easily in your home.

Spider Plant

The spider plant, also known by its scientific name, chlorophytum comosum. As mentioned above, most plants purify the air by removing toxins; this plant is also known for this ability. Spider plants are known to easily process chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and other harmful chemicals from the environment. These chemicals are associated with respiratory problems, headaches, and other debilitating ailments.

For some, it’s a good idea to place plants like Spider plants near you when sick. Aside from cleaning the air around you, its aesthetics can help in lessening your fears. After all, medication and rest aren’t the sole reasons for a quick recovery. You also need to have a positive outlook on your condition for a speedy recovery.

Another study in which postoperative patients with plants placed in their rooms recovered faster than patients without plants. These patients required less medication for pain and their blood pressure. Lastly, patients also experienced less stress, depression, or anxiety. Spider plants are perfect examples of foliage you can safely put in hospital rooms to achieve this effect.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm plants are known for their unique style and their ability to thrive indoors. Don’t overwater them to experience a hassle-free experience when taking care of these plants. Although making sure to place it in the sunniest part of the room, it is considered an indoor plant, if possible, set it near a window, but not directly in the sun.


Aglaonema is often referred to as the Chinese Evergreen. This plant helps improve the air quality in your home as well. It can filter pollutants and toxins. Oxygen helps in increasing productivity and makes your overall well-being healthiness increase.

This plant can thrive in low light areas; with this in mind, you may place them on your house’s hallways or in your bedrooms with small windows. Keep in mind to avoid direct sunlight when setting this plant.

Just like the Ponytail Palm, an Aglaonema plant is also an indoor plant. It also does not require a considerable amount of water. When watering this plant, only do so once a week. Overwatering this plant can cause consequences to your plant’s health. Scratch the surface of the plant to see if the soil has dried out. If the soil has dried out, then you can water it again.

Philodendron Heartleaf

The philodendron heartleaf plant can also thrive on indirect light. This plant will suffer if placed under direct bright sunlight. It can adapt to any sunlight and water conditions. The philodendron heartleaf plant has large dark green leaves, allowing them to absorb even the tiniest water and light traces.


The five plants you can grow at home mentioned above can indeed help improve the looks of your surroundings. Not only do these plants look good, they can also help your place be healthier and comfy. If you’re prone to stress and overthinking, the plants mentioned above can help lessen that.


Additionally, placing foliage and other indoor plants may also sharpen your focus. You may place some of the plants beside your work table or where you usually work to acquire this ability that plants have. If you still don’t have a plant indoors, try placing one. Sooner or later, you’ll soon feel the positivity and benefits from it.


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