Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Calm Your Nerves And Prepare For The Future As Lockdown Approaches Its End

The novel outbreak of COVID-19 has been the hot topic of every news site over the past year or so, and it’s now hard to imagine life without it. And while it’s great to keep yourself informed about the latest coronavirus news, you should remember that many news outlets tend to focus on the negative news stories more than the positive, and these won’t help your coronavirus anxiety.

Whether you’re vulnerable to falling ill from the virus or not, the anxiety that has formed for many people over coronavirus worries can be debilitating. It’s normal to be craving normality while at the same time feel frightened about the thought of being in a crowded room again.

If reading the roadmap out of lockdown has sent you into an anxious spiral, then here are some ways you can calm your nerves as life begins to return to the new normal: 

Make Virtual Time For Loved Ones

Many of us are spending a lot more time alone at present, giving our minds more hours than normal to fret and hypothesize the worst-case scenario. Humans are social creatures, and we rely on others to boost our mental health more than we probably know.

While restrictions are still in place which stop us from physically meeting up with friends and family, social media gives us the freedom to text, call, Skype or send a voice note to our loved ones whenever we like.

If you’ve found that you’re spending long hours with your anxious thoughts, then it’s a great idea to schedule a weekly phone call with friends or family members. Not only will this give you something to look forward to, but you can also share your anxious thoughts with others. Nothing seems as scary when it’s out in the open.

Educate Yourself

News stories can often be sensationalist because their aims are to generate as many clicks as possible. With this in mind, it’s probably best to avoid reading too many news stories, and instead keep yourself up to date with the latest COVID rules by checking the official Gov website.

To put your mind at ease, you can also look into all of the things that are being done to help keep the virus at bay as lockdown is lifted. Many businesses are now employing specialist cleaners to make sure their public areas are COVID safe. A good disinfectant company like Ideal Cleaning can provide decontamination so effective that all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses are eradicated. This is done using revolutionary fogging machines to deliver a large-scale decontamination.

Take Care Of Your Body

Moving your body is the number one stress reliever, and with there being so many different options for exercise, there’s something for everyone. A fun YouTube dance class, a virtual Yoga session or a walk in nature are all things you can do that will have a positive effect on your mental health.

Eating healthy foods, limiting alcohol and not smoking will not only improve your health, but you will also begin to trust and respect your body more.


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