4 Expert tips to keep the tingly feeling alive in your relationship

Do you remember the feeling you had when you entered your relationship? You could feel butterflies in your stomach when they called you, touched you, or went on a walk together. But, is the feeling persistent after months of being together?

Dating for a while comes with its perks. You become comfortable with your partner, open up about your feelings, and develop a deep bond. However, the tingly feeling you felt initially may start to fade away.

However, according to experts, there are certain things you can do to keep that initial spark alive for a long time.

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Create rituals as a couple

Creating certain rituals in your relationship can help to strengthen the bond of love. Both of you will have a different love language. Hence, it would help if you chalked out a routine that satisfies both ends.

For instance, if your love language is touch, ensure a goodbye kiss before leaving for work. You can play crosswords after dinner if your partner loves mindful activities.

No one solution fits all kinds of lists for the routine. You need to communicate your expectations and do things for each other together. 

Evolve together

As you grow, your needs and expectations change. It applies to every aspect of your life, including your intimate desires.

You may need to try new things in bed to amp up the intimacy. For instance, you may want to bring role play, real whizzinator XXX, handcuffs, and vibrators into the picture. So, it is essential to communicate the same to your partner. If you want to feel more relaxed together you could try some gummies.

Keeping intimacy alive in your conversations is imperative. Talking about your needs and desires helps in keeping the spark alive. Also, you can tease each other, flirt at times, and be open about it.

Keep the surprise element alive

Whether you are a live-in, long-distance, or local couple, you must keep the surprise element alive. Staying together for a long time leads to getting into a mundane routine.

You’ve to make sure not to let that happen. Keep surprising your partner with small gestures. You do not have to invest in grand events. Instead, drop them a cute note or send lunch to their workplace.

The simple things that let them know that you’re thinking about them. It can be as simple as sending them a voice note in the middle of the day saying how much you love them. It may be cheesy, but the most effective way of amping up the tingly feeling.

Support their passions

At the beginning of a relationship, people are excited to know about the interests and favorites of their partner. So, dating experts recommend showing interest in your partner’s passions.

Plan a visit to their favorite city on the weekend or surprise them with tickets to an event. Show your active interest in something they are looking forward to. It helps you feel more connected.

Final thoughts

Every relationship is different, so the ways will also differ as per the likes and dislikes of the couple. Dating experts believe that couples who consciously make their bond more robust have a deeper connection with each other.

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