Ideas For A Bright And Beautiful Home Design

A bright and beautiful home design can give you an inspiring and joy inducing place to live. Nobody wants to live surrounded by dull decor – it can have a surprising effect on things like your mood and motivation. If you’re tired of living in a house that doesn’t make you feel good, below, you’ll find some of the best ideas for a bright and beautiful home design. Take a look. 


1. Give Your Furniture Space 

Start by making sure your furniture has ample space to breathe. Ok so furniture doesn’t actually ‘breathe’, but making sure each piece has plenty of room will allow each space in your home to appear less cluttered and far more airy. 

You can give your furniture space by making sure it isn’t pushed too close together, getting rid of any clutter in the way, and pulling it away from the wall. Many people push their furniture against the wall in an attempt to ‘make more room’. However, there’s no point in having a big square of floor space if all you’re doing is walking through it. Pulling everything away from the wall can make your home look better instantly. 


2. Let In As Much Light As You Can 

Try to let in as much light as you can if you want your home to look bright and beautiful. You can do this by investing in new sash and casement windows if you have had your windows for a long time, and by making sure you keep them shiny and clean. Make sure you also look at your window dressings. Consider how much privacy you need and how much light you’d like to let in at one time. 


3. Use Reflective Surfaces 

Reflective surfaces are a great way to continue reflecting light all over the home. Light tends to bounce off these surfaces, creating a more spacious feel. Look for reflective surfaces as you search for new furniture, and make sure you utilize mirrors, too. Mirrors are an underrated way to make your home look bigger and lighter. You can place mirrors in small, dark spaces to really open them up, such as the hallway. Using large mirrors in small spaces such as the bathroom can have a tremendous effect on the overall look of the room, too, especially if you’re not afraid to buy a mirror that takes up most of the wall.


4. Use Contrasting Pieces 

Contrasting pieces can help your home to look more bold and colorful. For example, contrasting colors and patterns can stop your home from looking boring. If you’re not sure how to contrast your colors, use a color wheel. For your patterns, use  the rule of three to make sure everything looks right and not too messy. 


5. Add Interest 

Finding ways to add more interest to your home can give it an edge. You can do this by adding various textures and features. Upcycled furniture with your own personal touch can help your home to look unique, as can things like crown molding, antique, and artwork. Get creative! 

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