The Real Reasons Your Home Is So Cluttered

We all like to think we know why our homes are cluttered. It’s the kids, we tell ourselves. Or it’s our hobbies. Or our passion for strange food ingredients we order off the internet. 

But it turns out that the real reasons for clutter are usually a little subtler than this. Often, clutter happens because of basic mistakes we’re making. 

Reason #1: You’re Overdoing The Decor

Decor should form the background of your rooms. It should just be something that acts as a frame for everything else. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people have a habit of overcomplicating their decor, thinking that they need to keep on adding more things to achieve the effect that they want. 

Where possible, try not to do this. If one plant will suffice, don’t add five or six. 


Reason #2: You’re Adding Too Many Small Decorations

When it comes to decorations, bigger is usually better. If you add too many small decorations, you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re filling all your shelves with them and don’t have space for anything else. 

Where possible, choose a large painting over several smaller ones. Put just one candle on your mantelpiece. And keep your shelving mostly free for things you’d like to store. 


Reason #3: You’re Not Storing Anything Off-Site

Thanks to space constraints, many of us live in small homes. But we carry on as though we live in massive mansions, accumulating as many possessions as we can. 

There’s nothing wrong with this in principle. But it inevitably leads to a cluttered home in practice. 

That’s why savvy homeowners usually store goods off-site. The idea is to keep as many possessions away from the home as possible to free up living space most of the year. 

These days, you can get to your stuff via a Bluetooth-activated storage unit access system, so you don’t have to rely on old-fashioned keys. 


Reason #4: You Have Too Much Small Furniture

Take a look at the furniture in your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and study. What do you notice/ 

If you live in a cluttered house, you’ll discover that it’s small and that there’s loads of it. So no matter how you arrange it, your rooms always look as though they’re bursting at the seams. 

If you can, try replacing small items of furniture with larger ones. Be bold. Be brave. 


Reason #5: Your Kids Have Too Many Toys

Kids love playing with toys. But sometimes, it can get to the point where they completely take over your home. Everywhere you look, there are toys here and toys there: it bever ends. 

If you have a toy problem, try to organize them all into big, clear boxes. This way, you can quickly tidy them away and label them for your kids. 


Reason #6: You Have A Shoe Problem

Lastly, if your home lacks organization, it could be because you have a shoe problem. Accumulating too much footwear can eventually become unmanageable, to the point where you’re constantly tripping over pumps and slippers. The best solution here is a shoe rack – one in the bedroom, and one close to the front door. 



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