Things that have made me happy this week

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I hate to admit this, as i’m usually a pretty perky person, but i’m afraid gratitude has been a bit thin on the ground this week! Poor F has been ill since last weekend, and i’ve only left the house twice (yesterday to take him to the docs, and this morning to get a second opinion at Em-Doc). Adam was away with work earlier in the week, and I now have a severe case of cabin fever!

But hey, when life gives you lemons, and all that…

So here are the things that have made me happy this week. I can safely say that the Jungle Book, despite the fact it used to be one of my favourite Disney films, has not made me happy, due to being made to watch it about 2734 times. Fuck. Off. Baloo.

1. Having more cuddles on the sofa with my babies than I have in a long time. Sometimes we’re so busy with ‘doing’ that we don’t just sit still and enjoy (I feel a blog post on this coming up!).

2. The Tesco Man AKA online food shop. LIFE SAVER this week. We all would’ve starved to death and been eaten by Alsatians ala Bridget Jones otherwise.

3. The beautiful flowers (see pic!) that my Mum bought me to cheer me up. Sorry Mum, but i’ve forgotten what they’re called! (anyone?)

4. Arranging a couple of nights out with old friends in the coming weeks. Time soon flies by and before you know it you haven’t seen each other for months/years, and they soon won’t recognise you due to your recently acquired haggered-work-stress/baby-sleep-deprivation look.

5. Being at home all week has meant that I’ve been able to get more work/life admin done, especially as BOTH children have been napping every day. I’ve realised how much of my ‘free’ time has been cut since Freddie dropped his nap several months ago. Anyway, i’ve made the most of it, and started photographing the old vintage crockery that i’m about to sell in my online shop, all for a good cause.

6. A whole load of rubber ducks in a flooded field where we live. Confused? You should be- I am! My Mother-in-law sent a snap of a mysterious crew of yellow rubber ducks that somebody had deposited in a flooded playing field. Cheered me up to see, especially as the field has been out of use to the local clubs there, and homes nearby were threatened by the flooding. Hopefully cheered a few other people up too.

7. The fact that Sasha is so happy pleasing herself and pottering about the house- I just love watching her play now and start to make up little games. I really needed this as Freddie has wanted me glued to his side most of the time when not sleeping. The little lady will have some extra cuddles/treats/trips out next week as a reward for being so patient!

So, still things to feel good about, but I hope you all had a better week!

What has made you happy?


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