On Wednesday Freddie turned 8 – EIGHT!

In true cliche blogging style, I can’t believe how quickly the time seems to have gone and it seems I blinked and we were in the hospital that first sleepless night, I remember it like yesterday…

HOWEVER, thankfully if I do actually think about so much has happened (which is a relief, these years haven’t just zoomed by with nothing to show for them) – baby, toddler, pre-school years, then school, lots of wonderful trips and holidays, house moves and a fair bit of house renovation… we’ve definitely packed a lot in! 

At 8 Freds is at a lovely age where he’s more independent and the practical side of being a parent is easier, but he’s still sweet and innocent and still loves playing with his toys and games. I love seeing how interested he is in the world, loves his friends, how much pleasure he gets out of playing for his football team, reading for ages curled up on the sofa now, how sweet he is with his little brother (and sometimes, his sister!), and the fact he knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs (seriously!). 

We celebrated on Wednesday as a family with dinner out at a nice fish and chip restaurant (his choice!) and cake afterwards, and today he is having a trampolining party with his school friends. 

We love you Fredster, here’s to another awesome 8 years! 


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