Exciting House News!

I’m very wary writing this as worried about jinxing it…but after 6 months on the market in a very shitty Brexit-scared time we have a buyer for our house… and have had an offer accepted on the bigger ‘forever home’ we wanted to buy all those months ago!

Just a couple of weeks back I was ready to throw in the towel, having heard from ‘our’ house’s estate agent that another family, already under offer, were viewing it and keen. I was fully prepared to lose it to them, instead turning my attention again on our current house and loft and garage conversion plans for that. I was actually excited once more about what we could do to our place, and trying to put to the back of my mind that after half a year of pursuing a house we wanted, it could then vanish from under our noses. 

However, that family didn’t want it.

And just last Monday we got a call from our agent saying a couple with a young family wanted to view our place that tea time, and I reluctantly agreed (not wanting to turn any viewing down) as the house wasn’t looking its best and I had all 3 children at home at the time with me (I usually like to go out for viewings). I’m so glad I did though, as they wanted to come back for a second viewing a couple of days later, and then offered us a figure that could work for us, as long as the house we wanted could drop slightly on their price.

There was then a sleepless night whilst we waited to see if ‘our’ potential new house sellers would accept our new offer. 

It wasn’t good news.

Our offer was rejected, and then so was our subsequent offer of an increase of 5K. 

By Thursday night it felt like we might have to forget the whole thing, but after sitting down and working out some figures we decided for the sake of another 5K to go for it- and next morning our final offer was accepted! 

It still feels so near yet so far though.

I’m painfully aware from previous house buying and selling that lots could still go wrong with mortgages, surveys and people pulling out, and due to our seller’s personal circumstances we won’t be able to move until most likely end of April/early May. 

In all honesty I don’t think I’ll be able to full relax until we exchange! 

However, we have a short chain with only 4 in it which is something on our side, and so far everyone seems happy and keen, plus our own estate agent has been fantastic and I feel confident that he’s on top of everything. 

It’s such a relief to not have to conduct viewings anymore (if this all goes tits up and we lose our buyer for any reason I think it’s likely we will stay put where we are), and there was huge satisfaction when our ‘sold’ sign went up outside our house on Tuesday! I feel visibly more relaxed this week and can start focusing on ‘normal’ life again after months of limbo. I feel we are finally getting somewhere, and I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself and mentally planning the rooms of our new house (I am totally doing this). 

All going well, let the next renovation project commence in a few months- I hope you’ll stay and join me for the ride!


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