10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately

Hey all, how’s your week going so far? First up, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the love on social media re us having a buyer for our house – there’s still a long way to go with the whole process, especially in light of Brexit etc but it’s lovely to know that so many people are behind us! Our house is lovely but it’s time to make the most of the opportunity we have to buy somewhere that has more space straight away, as well as having extension potential in a few years time. 

All in all though, February is going pretty well so far! Usually my least favourite month (aside from it being Freddie’s birthday), but it seems to be whizzing by and there’s been a definite hint of spring in the air. 

Here are 10 things that have made me happy lately…

  1. Finding a buyer for our house! Did I mention that already…
  2. A trip to the beautiful Penshurst Place on Sunday (see main pic above). The weather was warm and sunny, the kids burned off a ton of energy on the adventure playground there, and we had the most delicious sausage and mash x5. Spring is nearly here, people!
  3. Arlo talking. So many words added each week, and he always sounds so ridiculously cute. I must admit though that I’m doubting my quality parenting skills for child number 3 when some of his favourite words include “More”, “Telly”, “Peppa”, “snack” and “Alexa, stop” (whoops).
  4. Getting excited about kitchen upcycling. Whilst I’m desperately trying to not get ahead of myself, it’s very hard not to start thinking about what we’re going to do to our new house if all goes through okay. One of the things that I’m quite excited to get stuck into at some point is a budget-friendly upcycle of our new kitchen. We want to do a big extension in a few years, so in the meantime we’ll have to live with the kitchen space as it is. It’s actually quite a decent size but no real dining space and aesthetically not our cup of tea currently, so I want to do ‘something’ to it for as little cash as possible so it can tied us over for the time being. I’m going to write another blog post about this, but there are some cracking kitchen upcycles over on Instagram (and, let’s face it, some shockers). I think I just can’t wait to get my hands on a juicy project!
  5. Watching Sasha at her new gymnastics club- it makes me burst to see her gaining so much confidence in a sport she loves so much. 
  6. A trip to the House of Illustration in Kings Cross the other week- we saw an exhibition by Corita Kent and now I’m trying to track down a couple of her pieces of work in print or poster form. 
  7. Nearly finishing my new consultancy website- just have some tweaks and finishing touches to do then I can share it with the world!
  8. Binge watching Kirsty and Phil’s ‘Love it or List it’ (for obvious reasons, and I’m totally hooked)
  9. Snail mail- nothing beats a lovely card or letter in the post, so personal.
  10. Baking with Freddie- his love for making all things sweet will have him on the Bake Off in a few years time! 


What’s made you happy lately?


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