How to Showcase Personality in Your Home

For many of us, our homes reflect who we are as individuals. Home décor can be a wonderful way to express yourself and ultimately create a feel-good home you love.

Let’s forgo keeping up with endless interior design trends in favour of creating unique spaces that showcase us as individuals. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.


The term ‘eclecticism’ is widely used by interior designers. It refers to the process of bringing together multiple different styles to create a unique set-up.

The aim is to choose an overarching theme and integrate hints of other styles into the mix. This is done by combining visual elements, from prints to patterns, and considering both contemporary and traditional decorative features. Have fun with colour too, and see what works in your space.

Utilise ceilings

Although it may not be the most conventional piece of interior design advice, painting your ceiling can be a game-changer. It can give your home an instant quirky feel and the colour you go for is completely up to you and the vibe you want to create. A bright yellow will create an instant sunny feel, while a pale blue or green will help to create a sense of calm. Other ceiling embellishments include wood panelling and other types of ceiling coverings, which can do wonders in a more neutral room.

New build homes offer the perfect blank canvas for creative wall and ceiling projects, allowing you to go to town with your creations without additional DIY projects such as removing wallpaper or texture on ceilings.


The art of storytelling in your home is what makes it feel special and unique to you. This can take shape in a few ways. You might integrate ‘nods’ to a particular concept or colourway in each room so that a recurring theme is evident as you move through the house. This tactic can be done subtly and doesn’t have to be overbearing. It’s all about creating a sense of rhythm throughout your home.

You could also integrate personal objects into your space. This might include odes to your hobbies, a particular sport or places you’ve visited. Picking up items after travelling somewhere is a great way to do this. You might have rugs from Morocco, glassware from Italy or ceramics from Portugal, for instance.

Distinct artwork

Artwork is one of the best ways of injecting personality into your home – and it can take shape in many different ways. Choosing the right artwork is important, as this can range from prints, sculptures, ceramics, glassware and more.

These can be dotted around your home to make a statement, no matter how big or how small. Some might prefer a large piece of art, while others might go for something more subtle.


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