10 Things You Should Do After Moving into a New Home

Every year, thousands of Americans move to Europe to start a new life. 13.5% of Foreign-born residents in EU countries are from the US, according to Eurostat. But it is mostly due to lower living costs and better and more affordable healthcare in Europe.

So, if you are also planning to move to Europe soon, you might be wondering about what to do once you get there. Moving to a new house, especially one in a completely different land, can make you feel overwhelmed. While you may want to relax after your long journey, some things need to be handled as soon as you move in. So, it is necessary to create a checklist beforehand of everything you need to get done after moving in to help you stay organized.

Things to do after moving into a new home 

When you think of things to do while moving in, the first thing that might come to might is to unpack all your belongings. While that is true, many other things require your attention while moving in as well. This article will help you learn all things you need to do to help turn your new house into a home.

1.     Check Your Belongings 

Going to Europe from the US is a long trip. So, there are chances of your belongings getting damaged or misplaced during the trip. So, after moving from the US to Europe, you must check your belongings and count all your boxes as soon as you get there. This way, you can take action as soon as you find something damaged or missing. We recommend picking a reputable moving company for an international move to help keep your valuables safe and sound.

2.     Check your home 

After moving in, you can do a complete walkthrough to get an idea of the layout of your home. During your walkthrough, you can check whether all your furniture will fit, and you can also get an idea of how to decorate your home.

It is also necessary to note whether all light fixtures are present, all switches are working, and all things that were included in the sale agreement are present. You can also check the house for any pests or mold, as it will be easier to deal with before unpacking.

3.     Secure your home

Changing the locks is an important step to ensure your family’s protection. You never know who might still have the old keys. So, for your protection and peace of mind, it is recommended to change your locks as soon as you move in. You can also change all the indoor locks for more safety.

Similarly, it is necessary to set up a security system after moving in. You can install any system of your choice, like motion detectors, a smart doorbell, CCTV cameras, or a full security system.

4.     Check whether all utilities are set up 

It is important to manage your utilities in advance before you move in. So, once you get to your new home, you need to check if everything is available and working, like electricity, gas, water, internet, etc.

5.     Find the fuse box and water valve

The fuse box and the water valve are two of the most important things in the house. And you don’t want to go looking for them after experiencing a problem.

So, it is important to locate the two soon after moving in. This way, you can easily head over to the fuse box if you face a power outage or locate the water valve if you need to shut off the water supply for any repairs.

6.     Declutter while unpacking 

If you didn’t declutter while packing, now would be the perfect time to do so. Decluttering can help you get rid of all the extra stuff you don’t use or need. This will help you stay organized and avoid any storage problems while setting up your new home. In addition, it will allow you to start your new life with a clean slate and create a clutter-free space.

7.     Make a list of repairs 

Every home needs a little maintenance here and there. And moving in is the perfect time to check for any repairs, as it will be easier to identify them in an open space.

So, you can walk through the house and make a list of all the repairs needed. If you can complete any repairs before unpacking and setting up, it is recommended to do so. On the other hand, you can schedule a repairman to visit your home and take care of it for you.

8.     Deep clean 

Since your house is empty, the best time to deep clean is right after you move in. You can clean the kitchen, the refrigerator, the floor, windows, ceiling fans, and anything else that needs to be cleaned. It is also important to clean out the cabinets and closets before unpacking and setting up.

9.     Create a plan to unpack 

You might be ready to dive right into unpacking as soon as you get to your new home. However, just like packing, you must also tackle unpacking with an organized approach. And unpacking will be much easier if you label the boxes properly.

While unpacking, we recommend starting by unpacking all the essentials first. This can include clothes, necessary kitchen utensils, and assembling the furniture.

10.  Connect with the community 

Moving to Europe is no doubt a big change. And you should expect to experience some cultural shocks once you get there. So, a great way to adjust to your new environment is to connect with the community. You can meet your neighbors, sign up or volunteer for local events or socialize with parents at your children’s new school.

Concluding Thoughts 

Moving to a new home, especially in a new country, allows you to start fresh and opens doors to new experiences. So, it is important to do it right. When moving into your new home, it is necessary to stay organized and complete important tasks like those outlined above. And the tips above can help you create a plan of action and prepare you for a smooth transition into your new home.


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