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Hello, how are you? It feels ages since I wrote a proper ‘catch up’ post. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit like I’ve lost my writing mojo, my online voice. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a few months off doing all but the bare bones of blogging, what with the wedding, the loft conversion, and then the summer holidays and having small children pretty much full time, it doesn’t leave a huge amount of head space, you know? I also think that the less you write, the more ‘out of practice’ you get, and the harder it seems to ‘get going’ again. Well, I’m hopping back on that proverbial writing horse once more! Whilst I’m more than happy taking a breather whilst the children are around most of the time, it will be nice to know I’ll have a bit more time to crack on again come September. 

I’ve discovered that I’m a much better Mother/workhorse/human being if I compartmentalise stuff in my life. Trying to make a work-related phone call, or send an important email whilst I have a small child making a perfectly reasonable request, makes me irrationally ratty, and it’s just not fair on F&S. So emails are done first thing right now, usually between 8.30-9am, when the children are watching their morning telly quota (those who don’t let their kids watch any telly WHAT DO YOU DO??!!!!), and then phone calls saved for post-lunch chill out time if we’re in the house. Everyone is much happier as a result.

So what’s new?

Well, overall we’re enjoying the summer holidays, and have had some lovely days, and trips out, although I’m unashamed to say I still think we all get on much better when we have 2 days a week apart. Roll on summer camps next year… 😉 Seriously, I adore spending time with my crazy twosome, but I’m certainly someone who benefits from a bit of breathing space to recharge my batteries and have room to think. Does this make me an introvert, or maybe I just have introvert tendencies? I do wonder these days, as although I’m pretty outgoing and always thought I was an extrovert, I find I more and more often crave ‘alone time’ and am quite happy in my own company and QUIET. Maybe it’s just part and parcel of having little ones around all the time (which is never quiet and tbh I wouldn’t really want it to be!). 

Adam and I are settling into married life, although not much outwardly has changed, inwardly i’m surprised at how good it feels. I don’t know why, but I feel more part of a team now, and that surname thang does make a difference to me (although no one tells you how much of a ballache it is to change all of your official documents, not to mention expensive!). Our loft conversion if pretty much done, with just a few finishing touches to do/furniture left to buy, and Sasha moved into her brand new room last weekend. I’m so glad it was moved forward and finished earlier than expected, otherwise we’d be dealing with stuff in the run up to Christmas. I feel very, very lucky right now that we have such a lovely home. Expect to be bored with an onslaught of room-related posts on here soon! 

Freddie is excited about starting school and the home visit from his new teacher in a couple of weeks (no pressure to have a spotless home and well-behaved children then!), and whilst I really will miss him being away for 5 days a week, I’m also excited for this new chapter in his little life. He is SO ready for it, and hopefully he will fly. 🙂 

Sasha has well and truly hit the ‘threenager’ phase, and everything is a drama/crisis/histronics right now which can be very draining. I think she must have been a wrestler in a past life, because the bundling/head locks/jumping on that she inflicts on her poor, very tolerant brother, is getting out of hand. However, aside from this, she really is the sweetest, funniest little lady, and is great company 1-2-1, very sharp, very funny (she crosses her eyes to make you laugh all the time right now, very hard to tell someone off seriously when this is happening). Like Freddie starting school, I think going back to preschool solo will be good for her. Despite the bolshiness and attitude, I know that underneath this is a lack of confidence at times, so not being able to rely on her brother at all times will help this develop. 

And with all this, I must be losing my tiny mind, as I’ve gone back to thinking I might like a third child! Adam will take more convincing, but there’s just a little something that is stopping me cracking on with making the 4th bedroom into that office… tell me that I’m mad! 

All in all (and touch wood) we are all happy and healthy right now. I’m glad the summer has been a slower one as the rest of the year has been pretty hectic, so the kicking back, and taking a breath has been really good for us. We’ve pottered around at home, baked, cooked, picked the tomatoes and raspberries in our garden, bounced A LOT on our trampoline, hung out with friends, read books (all of us- I finished a new book in record time of one week the other day, amazing since it usually takes me 3 months to get through one these days), drank wine (me), ran (also me, training for Oct 10K), S has finally learnt to scoot without screaming in terror as soon as you let go, painted LOTS (aaargh!) and we’ve laughed lots too. 

Life is good right now!

How’s your summer been?



  1. August 27, 2015 / 7:22 am

    Oh honey I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said here about the loss of mojo. I think there will be a fair few bloggers / writers that can, because it’s impossible to adopt a business as usual attitude during the holidays, unless you completely ignore the kids or have tons of help with childcare… I’ve only been able to do a few bits this week because hubby is off work.

    Does sound like you’ve had a fab few months though. You know my thoughts on #3 already 😉 HUGS xxx

  2. August 27, 2015 / 7:50 am

    Belated congratulations on your beautiful wedding, Becky!!! I’ve loved following you all these years and it’s been lovely to catch up with where you are now – I don’t think you’ve lost your mojo at all, sometimes it’s just nice to take a little personal break from it all! Lots of love xoxo

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