Spring Life Catch Up! and mindless rambling

Hello, how are you?

I realised I haven’t come on here properly for a while for a catch up!

Life has been so busy lately, what with juggling both my jobs, 3 kids and also a whole lot of house moving malarkey that sometimes something has to give, and unfortunately it’s been my blog the past few months. I still enjoy writing on here very much and working with brands, but I have to admit that I haven’t felt very inspired creatively of late.

Is it tiredness?

Not enough time?

The desire to do something else?

Probably a mixture of all 3 to be honest, but time is a huge factor. I think I mentioned before that since having Arlo and going back to my day job after maternity leave has meant I have no time (unless he naps and we’re home) to do extra work during the day. This means squeezing it in in the evenings, something I haven’t been overly disciplined about to be honest and something that I need to really schedule in properly once more! Two evenings a week is plenty to usually get what I need to do done, and then I can relax and do whatever for the remaining five. Easy peasy huh?! 

I am also keen to try my hand at making more videos and try something a little more out of my comfort zone, and whilst I don’t think I will ever be a ‘YouTuber’, when I do make them I really enjoy it, so maybe that’s where I can get a creative buzz once more?! I’m also about to launch my digital and influencer marketing consultancy business after the Easter break, so I’m nervous and excited to see how this will be received, especially locally to where I live- eek. 

House-wise, I don’t want to jinx things, but all going well we should be exchanged by the end of the month, with a proposed move date by the end of May. I haven’t even looked at a packing box yet, lest I do jinx it, so I’m anticipating May being pretty manic and many evenings then spent getting everything sorted, and braving the pit of doom that is our garage (god help us). The family buying our house came to have another look the other night and stayed for ages chatting- they are really lovely and I hope they love living here (and enjoy the kitchen, god I am going to miss this kitchen!). 

So lots here to be getting on with really, hence the quietness at times. I can’t believe I’ve had this blog now for 5 and half years which is crazy- I never thought I’d stick at doing something like this for this long! 

Anyway, I’ve got a few moving/interiors-related blog posts in the pipeline and I have to admit that I’m looking forward to being able to document a project once more, the prospect is so exciting (if expensive!). 

Anyway, I must go, I have 3 small people to attend to as it’s the Easter holidays/break here in the UK, so the house is looking a little crazy (as am I!),

See you soon x


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