A Peppa Pig Birthday Party for Sasha – Part 1


On Sunday, we had an early 2nd Birthday and party for Sasha, as she turns two this Saturday whilst we are on holiday. We will still celebrate there with a meal out and a couple of little presents, but we decided to do the majority of cards and presents, as well as a party and cake at home. I don’t think our suitcases would be big enough for all the goodies involved in celebrating this little lady’s special day! Plus, more importantly, we wanted our family and close friends around to celebrate too.

At her request, the loose theme was Peppa Pig, which meant a Peppa balloon had to be purchased, and a cake made! You can see how I made the cake, HERE.

s2 s5

When F&S came down the stairs, they were both excited to see a pile of pink presents waiting to be opened, with F very, er generously offering to help S open them, which surprisingly she didn’t mind him doing!

s3 s4

Goodies included some wooden ice lollies, wooden cakes and stand, Baby Annabel change bag, a Doc McStuffin doll, plus Peppa Pig cutlery, puzzles and mini figures- these went down particularly well as you can see below!

s6 s7 s8

After breakfast we spent the morning preparing food and drink for the party in the afternoon. As I mentioned before, the theme was Peppa Pig, so to tie in with this I went to M&S and bought some Percy Pig drink cartons for the younger guests, as well as some Percy Pig sweets. We also served ham, cheese and egg sandwiches, Pom Bear crisps, sweet & salted popcorn in individual pink striped pots (from Sainsbos no less!), grapes, cucumber, hummous, mini marshmallows, plus bourbon biscuits and choc chip cookies for the little ones. Oh, and Peppa Pig ice cream lollies. I’m afraid the children ate really unhealthily overall, but hey, it’s doesn’t happen very often! For the adults, there were homemade sausage rolls (post to follow!), honey glazed sausages, green pesto pasta salad, crisps and dips/hummous, and to drink plenty of wine, beer and soft drinks (and a sherry if you’re Aunty Grace!).

s9 s10

Once we had prepped the food, Adam set up the piste de resistance that was the bouncy castle (complete with slide!). We have been lucky enough to have been given this by one of Adam’s cousins, as his children have outgrown it, and I can’t wait to bring it out again on future occasions- it was a HUGE hit with the kids!


We also hung some chinese paper lanterns around the garden, and they looked better than I thought they would, they really ‘popped’ colour-wise. I bought these from an Ebay Store HERE. They’re under £2 each from China, and are great quality, but you should order about a month in advance as they take a few weeks to arrive. We also blew up several pink and purple balloons and scattered them about the place for the children to play with.

So what do you think?

S was as pleased as a (nearly) 2 year old can be, she was just so happy with the balloons and the cake, that the presents didn’t really matter, in that lovely easily-satisfied toddler way!

 Part 2, the actual party, to follow…




  1. Lauren
    May 28, 2014 / 8:51 pm

    The buffet looks fab. I love the popcorn pots. Well done on the cake too! Sasha is so pretty x

    • May 28, 2014 / 10:44 pm

      We think she’s a little beaut, although we’re obviously biased 😉 Oh, and the popcorn pots are from Sainsburys! x

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