Kitchen Floor Roller Paper Drawing


After a 4.30am start the other day (thanks, offspring of mine), I was ready to die by 8.30am. Luckily, Wednesday mornings mean swimming for Freddie, and Tumble Tots for Sasha, So whilst I necked coffee and hid behind my laptop to get a few things done before Nanny arrived, I needed to keep them entertained, with minimum intervention from moi (my brain really wasn’t up to much more than a few renditions of Baa Baa Black Sheep, I couldn’t remember the passwords to any of my online sites, my brain was THAT fried through tiredness).

Enter: An extremely long roll of paper, taped to the kitchen floor, plus a box of crayons.

Sasha spent ages drawing circles, or variations of them. I’m pretty impressed by her skills with a crayon. She holds them really well for her age, ‘properly’ I guess? I can’t think of the right word for the correct grip used. And she is pretty deft in drawing circles and triangles, plus general scribbles too of course. Maybe she’ll be ‘arty’,who knows? My Grandad was a great painter, one of my brothers is pretty good too, and I loved drawing when I was a child.

Freddie got hold of a bold, red crayon, and proceeded to spend his time drawing ‘train tracks’, and then running up and down the paper like a ‘train’! I love his imagination, it really is so lovely to see it develop, even if ‘train’ noises can get a little irritating on less than 5 hours sleep. 😉

This activity was a total sanity saver for the sleep-deprived, will definitely give you more than 10 minutes, although sadly not enough time for a nap yourself!


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